Advent Calendar Day 2

Today, our activity calendar contained "a message! A message, Janey! A message!" (I overheard Breanne excitedly telling Janey about the message...), telling us to make cupcakes today. And in the pocket calendars, the girls received these:

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of the cupcake making process--toooo messy with two little girls wielding the knives. I did, however, snap these post-mixing shots:

(I promise, the cupcakes were IN the oven before I let the girls have the beaters. No mixing of germs there.)
We took most of the cupcakes out to neighbors, and enjoyed a few ourselves. Mmm.


BECKY said...

these are fun!!!!

gilian said...

So glad to see them with cupcake beaters! I have pictures someplace of you looking just like that.

Fernanda said...

So much fun! I can't wait until I can do fun things like that with Ethan!!! The girls are getting so big and cute!!