Advent Calendar Day 8

Today the girls didn't receive anything in their pocket calendar. Instead, today was a day for us to give. We went through their toys, and decided on things we could give away to other kids who don't have any toys. Though the girls were reluctant to part with anything, we managed to pull together a few things they don't play with anymore that were just taking up space. I hope to be able to instill a sense of giving and love towards those less fortunate than us, even if they don't quite understand it yet. I think everyone thought it was refreshing to have a little more space to play with the toys we really enjoy, too.


gilian said...

This is a tough concept. I am having a very hard time getting used to giving my things to Gus. Like one of my favorite clogs and some of my Santa ornaments.

Anna said...

I think this is a genius item for the advent calender...genius.