New Siblings

So yesterday, I had a conversation with Breanne that went as follows:

B-Mom, do you know what my favorite stuffed animal is?
M-Your Zoey, of course. (she has a stuffed animal Zoey, from Sesame Street)
B-No, Mom! She's not a stuffed animal, she's my sister! Silly Mom! My favorite stuffed animal is my dog with a heart.

As of late, Breanne and Janey have become absolutely insistent that Zoey is their sister, and Elmo, Snoopy and Fairy (a pink bear, named by Janey, bless his breast-cancer-awareness-heart) are their brothers. There is NO convincing them otherwise. I find it quite comical, Cory's working on finding a way to convince them they're not really people. They're not buying it yet.


Katie Rogerson said...

HAHAHAHAHA! This is why I love these girls.

Corby said...

This is funny! Thanks for sharing.

gilian said...

I would like to leave a comment about their brother, Fairy, but I just don't even know what to say... ;)

Emily said...

I think I was 6 or so before my mom convinced me that my pretend friend wasn't my sibling (I didn't even have a stuffed animal stand in). She never told me she wasn't real, for which I am thankful. Some things they can just figure out on their own, and you just enjoy the comedy in the middle!

Catherine Hess said...

Ha! Those girls are so cute! Don't you just love how entertaining kids are?