What 10 Months Looks Like

I can hardly believe Cailin is 10 months old today. This little girl just cracks me up with her big grins and giggles, and her odd little quirky things she does. She loves to gently bonk heads with me--I'll tilt my head towards her, and she'll tilt hers to me until we barely bonk, and then she'll burst out laughing. Very sweet. She also loves when I look at her and shake my head and say "no, no, no," to which she responds with an enthusiastic nod yes. When I nod and say yes, she shakes her head violently no, almost to the point of falling over. Practicing that rebellion already, I guess. :) She really is a sweetheart, and I like her even when she's grouching at me with her angry growly voice. We're still awaiting her first teeth, which I believe will erupt soon, and is much the cause of her grouchiness. Regardless, I sure do love this sweet little girl.

This is her newest trick, as of this afternoon. I am such a proud momma. Oh, and I especially like the part where she tries to swat at Janey, as if to say, "hey, stop trying to steal my thunder! I'm the new clapping kid around here."


Amanda said...

Way to go Cailin! I cannot believe she is 10 mo. Crazy.

I love your advent calendar, and right on the mantle is perfect.

Fernanda said...

wow 10 months already!!! She is so cute!!!

pinksuedeshoe said...

So cute! I love it.

gilian said...

More video please! I love to be able to replay over and over.