KCWC Day 1

Remember Janey's skirt I made for Christmas? Well, now Breanne has an almost matching one.

Not perfect, but I like it. I think I'm going to topstitch the seams, just above the gathers to make it a little smoother, but other than that, I really like it. Breanne thinks it's ok, but wishes it was pink or red. *sigh*

Also, I used a new stitch today, I'm so proud! It's the one that looks something like this: /\__/\__/\. Apparently, it's meant for an invisible-ish hem. Can you see the hem on the skirt? Well, I can, but I think that's because my tension was a little bit off. Live and learn, right?


Emily said...

Your things always look so good! I am so happy that you sew so much. The more you use the blind hem stitch the better you will become. Just make sure that only the very point of stitch goes through to the surface of the right side of the fabric. Also, if that is knit, you don't need to hem it, knits don't fray. And if it stretches, you can do an "oyster" hem. Just stretch the fabric as you zig-zag over the edge with a small, close stitch. It call look really fun if you use a contrasting color.

gilian said...

So cute. And while I'm sure she would prefer red or pink, I think she looks amazing in blues and greens and purples. All of your girls look good in those dark hues. Wait, did I just say hues? Who is this? I don't know where that came from but it might be the best I can do since I'm no sewing genius... xo