KCWC Day 2

Last one of these, I promise.

Well, maybe. What can I say? The girls and I really like this dress. When Janey saw Breanne's pink dress, she immediately asked "Mom, did you make me one, too?" I hadn't planned on it, but who can say no to this face?

I don't remember when or where I picked up this fabric, but I love it. I've been trying to decide on a project for it for months, but couldn't convince the girls to let me use it on anything, until today, when Janey picked it out of my stash for her dress.

The girls really wanted their pictures taken together--I love how good of friends they are, at least half of the time.

They decided that twirling was an excellent way to show off the dresses. I agreed, mostly because I wanted to show you the difference a circle skirt makes, compared to a generous tube dress. Even though there's a ton of give in the tube dress (the fabric is 45" wide, even though the girls are only 20 inches in the waist), it will never twirl up, because of the cut. Hence the reason I (and all of my girls) love circle skirts. It was funny, I didn't even say anything about it, and Janey said "Hey, Mom! My dress doesn't come up like Breanne's!" I didn't really expect her to notice, but she certainly did.

Oh well, she still loves it. And so do I. Also, I love this last photo. Everyone twirl! Cailin thought it was awesome. Funny girls.


Katie R said...

I love the dresses! Can you make some for Naomi? :)

gilian said...

Another success. This post could only be better with video. :)

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

I adore circle skirts-they are so much fun to twirl in!