Why Doesn't She Stop Me?

Ok, so this may make me crazy, but hear me out. :)

Today I was trying to get Breanne to stop playing on my computer and to scoot over by me so I could do her hair and then she could go get dressed, but she was ignoring me. So, like any good parent, I started brushing her hair from a distance... into her face. I was trying to distract her from the computer. Well, it didn't work. Breanne really, really likes the Electric Company, and apparently, nothing will pull her away from it. Not even her hair in her face. Repeatedly.


My question is--why didn't she stop me? I was brushing her hair like this for at *least* 5 minutes before this video, and was laughing hysterically the entire time. Crying, I was laughing so hard. And then, when she finally told me to stop, it was because the *brush* was blocking her view of the computer. Not her hair, the brush. Awesome. I'm still laughing. I love that girl, even if she does ignore me completely for the computer when she's only 5.


Shi said...

I think Audrey would have freaked out at me... you are brave :)

Janene said...

That is pretty funny.

BECKY said...

she's so patient about it! how funny!!!

gilian said...

That made me laugh out loud. Such a smart mom of such a patient girl!

Tobreth said...

Laughed right out loud. Wonder why she wanted her hair cut?