My girls have been coloring more lately. I love it. Breanne was coloring a picture the other day, and stopped to show me how well she was coloring in the lines, and how she was using a variety of colors, and pressing hard at different times to change the intensity of the colors. She asked me "Don't you think my picture is just coming to life now, Mom?" I'm so glad she, and her sisters, are finding joy in such simple things. At least occasionally. :)

I love watching Cailin, in particular, as she colors. She just looks so focused.

And, mostly for grandma, here is a minute of her coloring. Not exciting, at all, and there's a lovely pile of laundry in the background, but I just love how sweetly she's just laying there focused on coloring. These kinds of quiet moments with her are rare, to say the least.

Oh, and if you're wondering, I believe those are Breanne's shoes she's wearing. The girl couldn't care less what clothes she's wearing, as long as she gets to pick out her own socks and shoes. I love the little quirks.


The Kilger Family said...

I think Cailin looks like Janey in the picture and the video! Maybe it's the lighting, or just me, but I think her hair looks so dark, and if it weren't for the pacifier in the video, I could have thought that was Janey at that age.

Katherine said...

It took us forever to get our boys interested in coloring. Monkey is now 5 and has only just started coloring.