Partying Already!

This Halloween season is crazy for us. Anyone else feel the same?
We've had:

Janey's class party yesterday morning:

(is she not the cutest pink bunny ever?)

I could've sworn I had a video of her "shaking her bunny tail" but I can't seem to find it. So I'll take another one tomorrow when she's in costume again. SO cute, and so worth it. :)

And a playgroup party with our ward yesterday afternoon:

(My good friend and photographer took these first three beautiful photos at the party. The others are mine, and crappy. But hey, photos. Right?)

I asked Janey for a rabbit face. She was concentrating on scrunching up her nose. :)

(most adorable robot EVER, am I right? After much initial fight (for fittings, before it was done), Cailin decided that she was happy to wear the costume, as long as she didn't have to wear the hood/head. Britney and I timed the photo just right so she snapped it as soon as I moved my hand from putting the hood on her head. I can't get over what a cute robot she is. :))

(I asked for a witchy face. I'd say it worked out well. :))

(waiting for the pumpkin-bowling to be set up again... and yes, she did pick her shoes out. How can you tell?)

Janey and her best friend Payton, with another little girl we don't know as well in the middle. Still, super cute. :)

Goofball. I love that face.

Just knocked down all the "pins" with her pumpkin... on the 4th try. :)

Janey's favorite part of the activity, making a "spider" out of Nilla Wafers, chocolate frosting, and pretzels, with some nerds for eyes.

And then we had Breanne's class parade and party this morning:

She wanted warts all over her face. I consented and gave her 3. She was a satisfied customer.

Gotta love the spiderman poser in front of her. She was super concerned because all the branches fell off the bottom of her broom, so it was just a stick at this point. Poor girl.

I always get choked up when she's walking away from me as such a big girl. What is wrong with me?

That's my girl, blowing me kisses, flashing the I love you sign. It's kind of our thing. I love it, and so does she (thankfully).

We also had a playgroup down in Gilroy that the two younger girls attended in full costume but no real pictures from that. And then tomorrow there's our actual ward Fall Festival, complete with a trunk-or-treat. And then, you know, actual Halloween with trick-or-treating. Plus carving pumpkins sometime between now and then. So while I'm kind of exhausted, we've also just been loving it and soaking it all up. The girls love dressing up, and love their costumes (with the exception of Cailin, who mostly just tolerates it, ha), and I thoroughly enjoyed making them.

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