Happy Halloween!

Pretty perfect holiday here. Matching shirts (made at the last minute, of course... remind me to make them weeks in advance next year so they can be worn for, well, weeks), perfect weather for a trip to the playground, pizza with friends for dinner, and trick-or-treating with the same friends. And then, of course, consuming large amounts of sugar, and Cailin *finally* giving us a robot dance in costume. Not on camera, of course. :)

A few glimpses of our day:

(I thought it was funny that she was standing like this... until I caught a glimpse of my own shadow at that exact same moment...)

And from this evening... our jack o'lanterns, which we carved yesterday--

Cory's and Janey's (I'll leave you to decide which is which, ha):
And Breanne's:
Trick-or-treating... at home:
Sugar crash!
Happy Halloween, everyone!


Tannie Datwyler said...

Those shirts are super cute Jessie. :)

gilian said...

This looks and sounds like a perfect Halloween. That pose and shadow pose made me laugh out loud. Dad too...