My thoughts on pediatricians....

Can I just say something about pediatricians here? I love ours, because I really feel like he knows my kids, and makes an effort to do so. He does seem to be collecting a lot of patients still (he still does a lot of work at the hospital), but I don't even mind waiting for him because I feel like it is so worth it to see him. We've seen most of the dr's at the practice (Breanne had really bad ear infections last winter and needed to be seen regularly and our dr wasn't always available) and I just can't find one that even compares with the dr. we see. Most of the other doctors seem to really rush through appointments, and often make light of my concerns, which really, really bothers me. I guess maybe some people really like quick appointments, or something... I just can't figure out why they'd choose someone like the rest of the doctors at the practice. I mean--they obviously know medicine, but they just don't seem to care about the patients as much, I guess. At least that's the way I see it. I guess I'd just rather take the extra hour or less and have a real appointment (one where they accurately weigh the baby, and use the right tools to get her blood oxygen level, and actually feel her belly, just in case...) where I can actually discuss my concerns with the doctor, and he can give me the info I need to feel confident about taking care of my sick child.


Anna said...

man its so weird to think about taking kids to pediatricians. you're so grown up. it feels like it will be a long time till we're at that point. I'm glad to hear everything is okay with Janey.

Brandon said...

Doctors should take classes on bedside manner. Doesn't matter how good he is if you don't trust him.

Unless he's House. Then it doesn't matter. :)

So sorry to hear about Janey. That's really scary... we're praying for her.