Poor Kid.

So did I mention that in the last week Breanne got a new sister, and the worst cold of her life? And that she thinks tylenol is yucky, so can't get any relief for the aches and pains of being sick, or her fever of 102? Oh, and that she's getting her back molars on top?

Rough week. Poor girl.

I figure if I can handle this week, normal ones should be cake... but we'll see.


gilian said...

I totally understand how miserable Breanne has been this past few days since we shared that bit of chocolate chip on her finger last Monday.

Please don't apologize for her sharing her germs and her chocolate with me. Everybody I know has been sick in the past month, and if I had to get it too, I'm delighted it was from her.

I already have my molars, so my viral suffering is clearly far less than hers. :)

Amelia said...

Hi Jessi,
It's Amelia, congrats on your new babe! From my experience, two girls is wonderful, it will be hard now, but get better and better. Stick in here!