Well, we made it through the night with no emergency room visits... though I was pretty worried for a bit there. Janey's breathing has been pretty rapid, but her fever is gone, and she's still been eating well, so we're still in the safe zone. I took her in to see a dr. today (not our normal one, he doesn't work wednesdays, unfortunately) and he let me listen through his stethoscope to her breathing. She was wheezing, but not to the point where we should take her in yet, and he was hopeful that we wouldn't have to. He also gave us a prescription so we can take her to the pediatric floor of the hospital any time we want to have her mucus suctioned out... a very hard sad thing to watch, but definitely worth it for her breathing. She just can't quite cough stuff out on her own. It's so sad. And he said that when we take her to the hospital, they can let us know if they feel like they should keep her, too, which is also reassuring, because it means another opinion. All in all, it was a good visit even though it wasn't with our pediatrician.

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gilian said...

You are such a strong, brave mother. I imagine you are thinking, no, I'm doing what has to be done. Because I remember thinking those same thoughts when you were tiny and sick. But from my perspective gained over several years of observation, believe me when I say that you are amazing and your family is blessed that you are the mother and wife that keeps it all together. While you cannot possible fathom doing anything other than what you are doing, not everyone is like you. I admire and love you. Know that I am here if you need anything sweetie.