2012 Projects

So even though I wasn't blogging much last year, I was still busy creating stuff behind the scenes.  I thought I'd throw together a little collage of all my projects that I took pictures of (there were quite a few more that I never took pics of, but these are most of my favorites anyway) so you could see them, and I'd have them somewhat documented.  :)

So in order of the photos, those projects are:
Christmas dresses
 a shirt for me that didn't work out so well
 my pin cushion
 Cailin's jacket (a top 5 favorite)
 a tie onesie and a carseat cover for a friend
 rice krispie hershey kisses for V-day
 V-day skirts for the girls
 Cailin's quilt
 Easter dresses
 a shirt for me (actually made 2 in this style, I liked it so much)
 Easter dresses again (whoops)
 a skirt for me
 pj pants for Breanne
 Belle dress for Janey
 new swimsuit for Breanne
 a dress for me
 capris for Janey (another top 5 favorite)
 a dress for Cailin (also in my top 5)
 a maternity swimsuit for me (one of the most difficult things I've ever taken on, since I created the pattern all myself too... women's clothes are hard!)
 new backpack for Breanne (another top 5 favorite, but mostly just because of the details and the bright fabric)
 Janey's skirt
 another skirt for Janey's first day of school
 Leo's mobile
100 boxes with bereavement diapers and blankets (I had a lot of help with these, I was just in charge of the project for our humanitarian aid group at church)
 Leo's quilt
 Leo himself (my favorite thing I made all year!)
 Breanne's batgirl costume
 super soft pillows for the girls for Christmas
 and Leo's pants for a wedding/his blessing

  Whew!  That's a lot of stuff, but only a portion of what I actually wanted to make.  I don't think I ever imagined as a youth that I would become such an avid sew-er--I remember actually telling my mom that there was no way sewing costumes would ever be cost-effective on one of Breanne's early Halloweens.  I'm so glad that I discovered my love for it, though. It's become a great creative outlet, and has done a lot more for me than just save me money (it probably hasn't done that, actually, haha).  I am so glad that I've found something that brings me joy that I can succeed in when so many days are exhausting and leave me feeling like I'm failing.  So there you have it.  2012, despite my exhaustion during most of it, was a successful sewing year.  I so hope 2013 will be the same.


Geo said...

Holy wow, Jessie!! That's an amazing lot of wonderful sewing! I'd say you've got a bonafide passion for stitching. You're inspiring! Guess what Rob's Christmas present this year is? A sewn game, because we are so broke. It's actually kinda neat. I'll have to take a photo and show you. xo

Merrells said...

I'm so impressed you've tackled quilting! It is so detail driven, I just can't do it! Love the Chevron quilt, it's adorable!

gilian said...

You are awesome. Of course.

Holly Decker said...

i envy this gift and talent of yours... you are amazing. i am so glad you found a great outlet and that it serves you and your family so well! way to go -you are so awesome!