Cailin 2013

For a nice little change of pace, I thought I'd interview my kids to start off the year.  I found this questionnaire over at The Train to Crazy, and thought it would be fun to hear my kids' answers  Tonight I have Cailin's interview for your reading pleasure.  Any comments I added are in parenthesis.  Enjoy!

Favorite food: Pineapple
Least favorite food: Tomatoes
Favorite things to learn about: Babies
Favorite color: Pink
Best Friend: Leo

Favorite game to play: Boots Dora!
Favorite thing to do in my spare time: Pick a flower
My favorite book: Blues Clues (we don't have a Blues Clues book, as far as I'm aware.  :))
Favorite movie/tv show: Boots Dora, Pocahontas and Blues Clues (we're in the middle of a huge Pocahontas phase right now, she'd watch it and the sequel all day if I'd let her).
Favorite Holiday: Easter
Things I do well: Picking up easter eggs (little stuck on the Easter thing for some reason, haha).
Thing I need to practice more: Coloring a butterfly (?? She's actually quite a good little artist, for not even being 3 yet).
Favorite place to go: Grandma's house and Happy Hollow

(She's showing me how to make a bad guy face so she can fight me)

Favorite family activity: Play

(she's a serious ninja!)

Favorite thing about being home: Going to bed with my blankey

Favorite thing to do outside: Swinging at the park
Favorite chore: Picking up toys (ha. ha. ha.  Though she may be my most helpful child in this arena, she is not by any means a great pick-er-up-er). 
Least favorite chore: (she couldn't think of anything).
Favorite song: ABC's
What I want to be when I grow up: A flower person

Place I really want to go: A restaurant.  Chicken nuggets... food!
Something I liked about last year: Playing with Hazel
Something sad about last year: Taking away toys

What I do when I wake up: Get up, then eat breakfast

(this was so weird, but she fell asleep in the shopping cart.  Totally rocked herself to sleep.  SO funny!)

My favorite part of each day: Eating breakfast (I'd argue it's more likely dessert, but this kid does love to eat).
Favorite drinks: Orange juice, passion fruit juice, no, egg nog! (Can you guess what drink she just discovered?  Ha).
My favorite sport or activity: Jumping off the couch (seriously...).

(also weird when she fell asleep on my grandma's coffee table...)

Something new I'd like to do this year: Go to the park (we go every week... I'm not sure she understood the question).

(she probably walks better in my boots than I do...)

Oh Cailin.  What can I say about this girl?  She's kind of a crazy girl, jumping off furniture, climbing on stuff she shouldn't, and just generally being a wild child... but she's also super sweet, frequently coming up to tell me "My want you, mom," or "My wuv you, mom" and giving me a hug.  She knows how to push my buttons, frequently refusing to do what I ask, running away when I tell her to come... but she also knows how to make me laugh, saying funny things, and reacting in hilarious ways.  She loves her baby brother, and adores her older sisters, but is not afraid to hold her own when she isn't getting what she wants.  She's been my biggest challenge to parent, but as we've grown to understand each other (and I've worked on becoming more patient), I've learned to really, really love being her mom, and I'm so grateful for the chance I have to watch her learn and grow.  Now if we could just get her to want to be potty-trained... 

(Cory was in the middle of telling me that he didn't understand a single thing going through her head when she plugged her ears, started rocking from side to side, and singing her ABC's.  I was going to defend her, but had nothing to say after that).


gilian said...

She is such a sweetie and I love that her best friend is Leo. I can see those two doing all kinds of things together in the future!

Katherine said...

I think that being a flower person when you grow up is a great thing!

Katie R said...

I love the picture of her at the very beginning. What a beautiful and hilarious little girl!

Tannie Datwyler said...

All 3 of your girls' surveys were really fun to read. They are growing up so much - cute pictures!!

Holly Decker said...

she is so grown up. i LOVE LOVE LOVE her.