Janey 2013

For a nice little change of pace, I thought I'd interview my kids to start off the year.  I found this questionnaire over at The Train to Crazy, and thought it would be fun to hear my kids' answers  Tonight I have Janey's interview for your reading pleasure.  Any comments I added are in parenthesis.  Enjoy!

My favorite food: Treats
Food I don't like: Hamburgers
Favorite things about school: Science and lunch. 

(showing us a science experiment she learned at school)

Favorite Colors: Gold and silver
Best friends: the brown haired Sadie, Payton, and the yellow haired Sadie
Favorite game: Sorry and puzzles
Favorite thing to do in my spare time: Play with toys, on screens
Favorite Books: Rapunzel and sleeping beauty. 
Favorite Movie: Tangled and Brave
Favorite Holiday: Christmas and Easter and um Halloween.  And there is Thanksgiving and New Years (apparently those weren't favorites, but she forgot that we weren't just listing holidays.  Funny girl).

Things I'm good at: Coloring pictures

Things I need to practice more: Math and letters and reading.
Favorite place to go: Happy Hollow and Grandma's house and the Children's Museum and Disneyland (we've never actually been, haha).
Favorite family activity: Playing games (I would argue it is planning and carrying out a party, but I wanted to put down her first answers).
Favorite thing to do at home: Doing activities and playing with our family.
Favorite outdoor activity: Play.

Favorite chore: Cleaning the mirrors.

Least favorite chore: Cleaning up.
Favorite song:  Call Me Maybe
What I want to be when I grow up: A mom.
Place I really want to go: Disneyland.
Favorite part of last year: Our Oregon and Utah trips.
Saddest part of last year: When you (me) took away our toys.
What I like to do after I get up: Eat breakfast, play on the tv
Favorite part of the day: Eating treats.
Favorite drink: Lemonade and passion fruit juice.
Favorite sport or activity: Dancing.

Something I'd like to learn this year: Reading.

(reading to Leo while I'm making their breakfasts).

Janey has grown up so very much in the last year.  She now knows all her letters and most of their sounds, and her numbers up to 20 (plus some past that, but those ones she has solid for sure). She is a lefty, which is frustrating when she plays Kinect and does other activities meant for right handed people, but she's getting used to it.  She loves to draw (each girl has a notebook for church, and hers is completely filled, while the other girls still have a bunch of pages left), and she LOVES to plan a party. She would plan parties every day if she could... and in fact, she does most days.  I regularly receive invitations telling me to bring "speshul treets"(her words, Breanne's spelling) to the "show" or "dans" that they're planning for that evening.  The event is often forgotten before it occurs, but the notes I receive are often among the highlights of my days. Another thing about Janey is her lack of middle-ground.  She is either quiet and mild, or on high energy, with The Voice.   You can hear The Voice from anywhere in the house.  The Voice is used for all energetic emotions: happiness and anger, frustration and sadness.  The Voice is super shrill, and makes me absolutely crazy.  We're working on toning it down, and working through our problems with a Normal Voice. :)  Despite The Voice and how it grates on me, I really do love Janey.  She is a sweet, sweet girl with a gentle heart, and she desperately wants to make those around her happy.  And she's only punched Breanne in the nose one time.  That counts for something, right?


gilian said...

I love her party planning. And seriously, what else can you do when someone is ignoring you? Uh, okay maybe not, but still...she is adorable.

Katie R said...

I love her. She's beautiful. And don't tell her sisters, but she's my favorite. :) although I adore your other children as well. We need to talk more about Operation Colorado. :)

Michelle said...

I love this idea! And I loved learning more about Janey, what a great little girl (and I'm not the only one in this house who feels that way, as you know!)

Holly Decker said...

i am in love with your little family. in love. each of your kids are so fantastic. love these write ups!