4 Kids and Projects

So I remember when I was pregnant with Cailin, everyone told me that if I could handle three kids, I could handle any number.  And then I had Cailin, and even though there were rough spots, with the RSV, and the chicken pox, and whatever else, it was really a relatively easy adjustment.  She was a good (enough) sleeper, and a happy enough baby, and I wasn't super addicted to sewing, so I was able to put my focus on her and my other girls, and then get in a bit of sewing for fun whenever I had extra time.  Like I said, I adjusted pretty easily.

When we decided to get pregnant again and have Leo, I had to rely on the words of those who told me that after three it wouldn't be any different.  I felt like we were probably crazy to have a fourth kid, but as long as those people were right, I would be just fine.

Well, they were wrong.  At least for me.  Having four kids has been a huge adjustment.  I am NOT saying that I regret it--I don't.  Not even a little bit.  I love this sweet little boy far more than I realized I ever would (which is just silly, because I already knew how it felt to love a child...).  Only saying that it has been difficult for me. The most difficult adjustment since having my first baby, for sure.  I realized the other day that the reason it's been so hard is because I was in this place before, where I could sew during the kids' waking hours, and sleeping hours if I wanted, because they pretty much entertained themselves.  Sewing gave me a lot of satisfaction.  It was something I could do that didn't come undone immediately.  And I could still keep somewhat on top of the dishes and the laundry and the cleaning.  It wasn't perfect, but it was acceptable to me.

Right now, things are different.  Leo is a great night-time sleeper for the most part, but has issues taking decent naps during the day.  And I am just busy being the mom and housekeeper and caretaker of all the things.  So these days, I don't get a lot of time to sew.  My free time is spent doing dishes (my resolution is still going strong!  I think I've only missed one day of dishes this year), doing laundry, cleaning up toys and clothes and shoes and food and whatever else everyone in my household feels the need to put all over the floor, and lately, potty training Cailin.  I have realized that having four kids means full time mom and housekeeper and etc.  It really is full time these days.  I won't lie, I don't love it all the time, but I do love the little (and big) people I do it for, and that makes it ok.

The other thing that makes it ok is my "day of rest" when I have an awesome partner at home who is willing to take the baby for a couple hours so I can sew.  It's been chilly here lately, but not really puffy-coat weather, so I wanted to make the girls some heavier jackets.  Janey's is done now, and the other girls' are on their way to done as well.  It was so nice to relax and think about numbers and construction instead of diapers and snacks and the house.  Perhaps not so nice this morning when I had to clean up the aftermath, but worth it just the same.  

A funny little story about this jacket--Janey wore it to school today, and upon taking it off at her teacher's request, she told her teacher that I had made it.  "Your shirt?" the teacher asked?  To which Janey responded "No, that was from the store for Christmas."  "Oh, your skirt then?  Or your leggings?" to which Janey said "No.  Well, yes, she made those but a long time ago.  No, my jacket my mom made yesterday.  She finished it last night."  I hadn't realized she was wearing so many things I'd made this morning.  It was quite the mismatched outfit, but I'm glad she loves the things I make so much.  That also makes it worth it.  


Shi said...

it may be a mismatched outfit but she look adorable :) and I worry about that happening too... going from kids that basically entertain themselves to having a baby that needs everything else... but it is worth it :) *hugs*

Corby said...

LOVE the jacket. And I am just barely peaking into a life with time for things other than kid stuff. It is so very hard. You can do it, though! I really believe you'll make it out alive.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Jessie!! I love this post. So true, so honest, and SO YOU. :)

That little girl is a DOLL. I love the first picture - she looks so adorable.

Great job on the coat, as always.

gilian said...

First, she is adorable, of course, and the jacket is AMAZING. I am in awe of your confidence to even attempt so many of the things you've made. And then they are always so cute. So proud of you.

Second, very happy you've found something (you know, besides cleaning, cooking, raising kids, etc. hehe) that brings you such satisfaction. It is very good to find something to do that lasts and doesn't need to be re-done every few hours. Your sewing will be a part of the legacy of your life. Again, wow.

Third, it occurs to me that not only do you have four kids now including a baby who loves to be held, but maybe part of the reason you're having to re-do all of your chores more and more is because you're living in a much bigger place that has lots more space for kids to spread their stuff around. You know, bigger house, YES! Oh wait, more cleaning? BOO!

Perhaps all of this is too much rambling, but mostly, in case you've forgotten, I think you are the best mom I know and I'm glad for the joy you find in sewing. xo

Merrells said...

You're so not alone! I think times and circumstances definitely make adjusting to all changes, especially a baby, vary so much! I am very impressed with your sewing skills, the jacket is adorable!

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Katie R said...

Hey! I just nominated you for a Liebster award! It's a real thing? haha Read my blog about it if you want to do it. :)

Also: BLOG AGAIN! And we need to Skype again. I miss your family.

MumX4 said...

Just came upon ur blog AWESOME! I have four as well I can never get the house clean enough to do anything productive either!!! Good Luck!

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