Big Day for B

So today started out pretty uneventful, got Breanne off to school, hung out with this kid:

Watched some Strawberry Shortcake with these guys:

and eventually got Breanne home from school.  After some play, the girls opted for a snack and got themselves some apples.  A little back story--last week, I discovered that Breanne's front bottom tooth was loose, and upon further investigation, realized that her permanent tooth was already coming in behind it.

 So today, when they started eating their apples, as you can guess, it loosened that baby tooth immensely.  It was bothering her enough at dinner tonight that Cory offered to try to pull it for her after dinner.  Now, you have to understand, Breanne is terrified of pain.  Terrified.  I don't know where that came from, but she freaks out when she knows something is going to hurt (think shots at the dr--takes like 6 of us to hold her down to stick a needle in her.  The worst!).  I knew it was bad when she accepted his offer.  And now, after a very few seconds of work, we have...

A girl one tooth down.  Love this girl.

Also, I'm proud that I didn't cry.  This girl is killing me with all her growing up--I'm supposed to never cry at anything, and yet I find myself tearing up all over the place when she does the next big thing.  When did I become that mom?


Katie R said...

What a big girl! And I'm totally one of those moms. I'm one of those aunts! How is she so big?
So, cute story. Chloe can apparently say Breanne (Bran). I was reading this post with her in my lap and she sees the picture of Breanne and goes "Hi Bran!" while waving quite enthusiastically. She was disappointed to find it was only a picture.

Katherine said...

I cry over nearly everything about my kids growing up. It's sad to have them grow up so fast.