30% Less Plastic

So we've been buying bottled water to drink for a while now (something about the combination of having 80 year old pipes running through our house and the construction going on downstairs), which has been nice. I really enjoy just being able to grab a bottle when I'm running out of the house, or doing whatever, and not having to worry about leaving a cup lying around the house. I usually just buy what's on sale, and have generally liked the water just fine. This last time I bought it, though, I got the Arrowhead brand. I didn't expect anything different of them-cheap water bottles are cheap water bottles, in my mind. Turns out, though, that their "bottle looks and feels different because it is purposely designed with an average of 30% less plastic to be easier on the environment."

Cool, right? I'm all for saving the environment. Except that what this really means is that the bottles are way thinner than other bottles, so every time I go to open a new one, I end up squishing out some of the contents, usually all over myself, or my bed, or the stroller, or the car...or whatever.

Not that it's a terrible thing, I mean, it's just water. But still--they should at least have one part of the bottle sturdier than the rest so I can hold onto it there while I'm opening it. I'm ok with 25% less plastic, if it means not spilling all over myself.

Cory will tell you that they're fine, by the way. He's magic.

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Brandon said...

Hmmm... "easier on the environment" yet still made of a substance that will last forever in landfills unless it gets recycled, but it's still going to last until the end of time.

Or at least the Second Coming.

Oh, and we use plastic water bottles all the time, by the way. I just think it's funny Arrowhead is trying to be eco-friendly.