Why I was awake from 2:53-sometime after 5:00 this morning

So I finished writing this post sometime around 3:39 this morning, right as my internet weirdly went down. It wasn't just the server, like usual, or just Cory's computer having some issue--it was actually the internet. Not very common with iProvo. So here's the post anyways.

1. Because my body is adjusting to not taking sleeping pills...part of my anti-nausea stuff (don't worry, it's recommended by my drs.). I ran out two nights ago, and have been trying to go without them to see if I'm done being sick yet. I'm not. I puked again 4 hours ago, and will probably do so again soon, now that I'm not asleep anymore. Just have to wait it out and get some more tomorrow, and hope for the best for before I can take them. No, I'm not just addicted--my body just goes crazy when I get pregnant. Maybe someday I'll have a boy and it won't be so bad, I don't know. I guess we'll see when I get there.

2. My car needs to go into the shop, and it's stressing me out. The two top stressers in my life are money and car troubles. This pretty much involves both. While out Christmas Tree shopping on Saturday, we managed to slide into a curb going about 20mph going around a curve in the road. What I was hoping was just a broken wheel (a mere 450.00-500.00 fix...) has turned out to be more than that, but we don't know how much more, and won't until the morning, when we can take the car into a shop. Not the shop we normally go into, mind you. They're booked until Monday. So no, now we're stuck trying out a new guy, which makes me even more tense. And to be honest with you--we have no money for this right now. Cory's getting a massive auto reimbursement check NEXT week, of course, but that won't be helping us this week. And I can't just hope that the repairs take a week, because:
1. That would be sick and just wrong
2. We can't borrow Cory's parent's Corolla forever
3. That would probably mean that the fix is going to cost more than Cory's reimbursement check anyway, and then we still wouldn't be able to afford the fix.

3. I am having nightmares about things as ridiculous as our tree being out of water and catching on fire. I think there's something wrong with me. :)

4. I'm not really complaining, but Cory is taking up the whole bed tonight. He pulled an all-nighter last night, so he's pretty out of it, and fell asleep right in the middle of the bed. Normally I'm fine with just a corner, but I'm getting pretty big (I almost have an outie belly-button already!, and I'm only a pound or two off of my delivery weight with Breanne already... and we still have to make it through Christmas dinners and 3 more months! UGH!) and our house is just too hot at night for me anyway. Sure, the thermostat says 71, but it certainly doesn't feel that way to me.

So this is why I'm losing sleep tonight. I haven't even really begun Christmas shopping, either. I mean, Breanne is pretty much taken care of, but poor Cory will get nothing, at this rate. He probably doesn't care, but I do. I really like to do nice things for the people I love who love me. And presents are ridiculously important to me. (Just ask my mom about the time I cried when they gave me money to go shopping with my friends for my birthday, instead of buying me presents. I was like 14. That's just ridiculous. Seriously.) Something about knowing people care about me, or something, I don't know. At any rate, I'm feeling a little bit crappy about the whole thing. Probably more than a little bit, but I'll blame some of that on my lack of anti-nausea meds.

I'm going to try to go back to sleep now that some of that is out of my head and on the computer.

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Brandon said...

That sucks that you're still sick. I have an aunt who spent each of her four pregnancies puking her guts out all day. I like kids, but I don't know if I like kids that much.

Other thoughts:

Mandi complains that I take up the entire bed, too.

Car trouble stinks. We had a lot of that last August and am grateful it's left us alone since.

Nightmares about your Christmas tree catching on fire are bizarre. Being pregnant is weird.

And I haven't even started my Christmas shopping. Working 40 hours a week, taking 15 credits of classes, working part-time for the Post Register, and being obsessed with blogging is not leaving me much free time. Hooray for online shopping!