Red Hair

Mandi asked about Breanne's red hair--no, Cory's is definitely not red, and though people like Cory's mom will tell you otherwise, neither is mine. (She claims it has a red tint to it...I'm just not so sure, though). Breanne does, however, have 5 aunts on Cory's side, 4 of whom have red(ish) hair. They all grew up as red heads, and as they've gotten older, some of it has faded to a more brunette look, while others have kept it:

It's said that it has to come from both sides, though, which is pretty much beyond me... Stu grows some red in his beard, I guess, and my dad has some cousins with red hair, but that is about as close as it gets to me.

I have to be honest, though, I have loved having a red-head--she gets so much attention everywhere we go, which has been so fun. I worry, though, about all the red-head stereotypes... there's always someone to tell us how much trouble we're going to have on our hands in a few years... She's already pretty darn stubborn, but hopefully she'll just stay as sweet as she is (most of the time) now.


Tannie Datwyler said...

I like all your updates! It looks so cute.

Anna said...

she's adorable. we have a little girl in the nursery Hallie, who looks so much like her. She's one of my favorites! She steals everyones gold fish...I never knew such a little girl could down so many goldfish!

Brandon said...

Very cute. When my red-haired sister Brooke was little, she'd scream until she passed out when she was mad.

Good times.