Update to "Why I Was Awake..."

Well, things are looking up...ish. To respond in the order of my original post--

Cory found a stray unisom pill sitting on the counter, so I was finally able to sleep, and I got more pills, so I'm feeling much better. Even with all the puking, though, pregnancy is worth it. I'm so excited to have another little girl! Now if only we could figure out what to name her...

The car is fixed and running better than it did before the incident (it should be, because we replaced the bearing that we knew was going bad before). And the fix wasn't outlandishly expensive, either. Not cheap by any means, but not unbearable. We can handle it, at least.

I haven't had any nightmares since the Christmas tree fire ones (not to say that I won't have more weird dreams in the near future, as Brandon said, "pregnancy is weird," and it does weird things to all parts of your body, including your mind. But that's entirely ok with me. Again, it's worth it.)

And Cory is a really great husband who tries really hard not to take up the whole bed--it only happens occasionally. And I certainly would prefer to sleep curled up in a corner if it meant sleeping next to him over not being by him.

Yes, I'd say things are looking a little bit better in my mind.

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Lisa B. said...

Congratulations on the baby-on-the-way! So exciting!