I'm Back

So I know it's been a while, but I'll try to get back into this again. Lots of things have changed; time for a list!

1. We're having another baby girl, on or around March 13th.
2. We bought a house, but a different one than the one I posted about before. Much nicer, a little pricier, but definitely worth it. We'll be renting out the basement come Dec. 22nd. Hopefully. Assuming everything gets done. :)
3. Cory is working in Salt Lake now with Excel Films, which he's really enjoyed. Nice to be out of the underpaid comp. tech job he had before.
4. I'm selling books with Usborne Books, and actually really enjoying it. I do lots of home shows, and some catalog shows here and there. I've finally found a product that I feel like I can actually support. Literacy is just so important--I'm excited to be a part of helping other people educate their kids.
5. I'm in the primary presidency of our ward, serving as secretary, and really enjoying that, too. Gets a little busy sometimes, but I'm really learning to love the people I serve, and those I serve with.
6. We have a cat! Her name is Hazel, and she's a little crazy (still a kitten, really), but she has been so good with Breanne--we love her.
7. I'm not doing the song title thing anymore. That was a lame idea.
8. I am being kicked in the bellybutton (that is one weird feeling, let me tell you!) so I'm off to do something else, changing positions being necessary.

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Janene said...

I love Usborne books. You will have to let me know when you have your next show (or whatever you call it).