A few things I love about Breanne right now...

1. If I ask her to blow her nose, she does! No more trying to sneak up on her and wipe her nose... she does it all on her own. So wonderful.

2. If she falls and gets "hurt," all it takes is a kiss to make it all better. Even if it probably did hurt, a kiss makes everything better. It's so easy, it feels like cheating.

3. She says "cheese" when anyone points a camera in her direction. A few examples of this:

And then just a few other funny shots from the same sitting--Breanne thought she fit in her new baby doll seat that she got for Christmas, so I let her try it out...

She seemed to like it when I told her she looked like a turtle with a shell on its back...

And then we noticed the tag on the back, so we found something else to do. :) Fun, fun girl.


gilian said...

A few things I love about Breanne right now:

1. Whenever she sees me, it is clear that she is delighted.
2. She allows me to kiss her ouches better.
3. She feels safe enough to show her emotions and feelings.
4. She has great parents.

I'm feeling that warm, squishy mom/grandma love for all of you, now and always.

Your mom

Anna said...

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sbo said...