Blogging Question

So sometimes I want to respond to the comments left on my blog--what is the protocol for that? I mean, do I just leave comments on my own blog? Or do I respond to the person more directly? Especially if it isn't extremely pertinent to the post--I'm just not sure if I should post them on here, or what. Still learning the space that is my blog, I guess.

And as for the html stuff--really what I want to do is change the background color of my blog--I like the green on top, and the white under the writing is fine, but I'd like to do something with the grey background underneath it all, but there isn't a way to do that with the theme I picked. Maybe I'm just stuck. (Cue for Stu to tell me to use WordPress or something.)


Anna said...

Try googling "Blogger templates" and there are a bunch of templates other people have posted the HTML for. This requires much less effort and you can have something cute until you learn all that html. And I'm sorry to hear you have insomnia...I have had and sometimes still do have that...once for several months...its way not fun. BTW, never take a sleeping pill and an exedrin for a headache at the same time...caffeine and sleeping pills combine in a very bad way.

Cory Kilger said...

The norm is to reply to comments in the same post.

Use Wordpress.

Brandon said...

For simple stuff like color, choose "Customize" at the top right and then click on "fonts and colors."

That will let you change the color of pretty much everything.

Stu said...

What they said.

I don't know much about blogspot specifically, but I bet you can find some templates out there.

As for comments on comments, unless it is something big (like the comments have completely run off-track and have essentially spawned a new topic), I would just comment inside the comments. That way other commentors can comment on your comments (or your comment comment comments) :)

Jessie said...

No, not so easy as the "customize" and "fonts and colors" buttons--there isn't an option to change the background color in there. At least not in this theme. But thanks for the ideas on googling it--I'll try that tonight after Breanne gets to bed...yes, she's still up at 10:30. She's almost as much of a night-owl as her parents.

Oh, and I thought the wordpress comment was going to come from Stu, not Cory. I knew I felt one coming, though. Maybe someday I'll venture into that world.

BECKY said...

So I am definitely enjoying your blog! You take great pictures and post some great stuff.

I love this question though... it's definitely something I've thought about too.

Here is my problem--if I post a comment to a person and ask them a question, I don't want to have to remember to go back to their blog and keep checking to see if they've answered.

So here was my conclusion. If people start asking for clarification about something I said, then I do post a comment to my own post just so that everyone isn't asking the same question. But for all other comments I try to send them an email or send them a post on Facebook so they don't waste their time coming back to my blog looking to see if I've written them back.

So yeah, that was long and probably totally ridiculous to leave on your blog, but whatever!