One Last Reminder

I just wanted to remind you all that if you wanted to get any Usborne books from me for Christmas, you need to do it by Monday afternoon.  I'll be putting the order in on Monday evening, to ensure that the books get back for Christmas.  One last time, you can find the website here.  

And thanks to those of you who have ordered, or who will order.  I might be biased, but I really think books are one of the best gifts you can give your kids, and I will definitely be passing some along to mine.


A Successful Day

So after all of the drama and exhaustion last week that usually comes with the holidays (something about too much driving and not enough napping and regular schedules), I was very excited to get back into a normal routine this week.  And so far, really, so good.  Yesterday we cleaned up around the house, and today I went to kickboxing and I got some shopping done.  The tv has been "broken" quite a bit lately (I unplug it... for some reason Breanne accepts this, which I love), so we've done some projects, gone to see the Provo City lights turned on, and even decorated our own home a little.  I love the feeling of the Christmas season, and having kids that can enjoy it has made it really fun so far.  I just want them to have as fond of memories of the holidays as I do. 

Tonight Breanne and I decorated the mantle, which is one of the reasons I really love this house.  The fireplace is original to the house, and adds so much character, I love it.  The best part about it is the artwork:

Does that not just scream nativity to you?  I love that it's there all year round, too.  

Here's the finished decorated product:

And some of my favorite parts:

(I love this little nativity--it is my favorite one that I own.  Most of the pieces aren't out, but I like the simplicity of just Mary, Joseph, the baby and the animals.)
(I made this one last year for Super Saturday.  It's probably my favorite decoration of all.)

Since our mantle is a focal point in our home, I try to display the focal points in our lives here.  There are usually pics of the kiddos up there too, but considering the season, I thought this appropriate as well.

In other very very very exciting news, today Breanne took a nap *without* her pacifier, and also went to bed just fine without it!  I've been dreading taking it away because I didn't want her to disrupt Janey's sleeping (or mine, for that matter!), but she's done great today.  I didn't really plan on doing it just yet, but when we couldn't find one at nap time, it just happened.  So great!  Now we just need to get that using the potty for reals thing going... always something.