So you may recall that back at Christmas time, I was very excited for Breanne and Janey to move to their big girl beds--Breanne was getting a twin, and Janey was moving up to the toddler-size bed, in preparation for Cailin to have the crib. Well, that worked. Kind of. If you've never been to visit us, you may not know this, but we live in a very small house. The girls' bedroom is about 9x12, if I remember correctly. And we're trying to squish three girls in there. I didn't realize just how big the twin bed was, either. To make a long story short, their room has looked like this since Cailin arrived and was ready for a crib:

Way, way, WAY too crowded. We moved almost all the toys and books downstairs to a playroom, but even still, just the 3 beds and a dresser were taking up the entire room. So I talked to my dad about the possibility of toddler-sized bunkbeds. While I would've liked to do twin sized, I had several reservations--#1 was space, #2 was safety of toddlers on big bunkbeds, #3 was ability of the girls to climb to the top of twin bunkbeds, and #4 was our ceiling fan--I didn't want the girls getting hurt, obviously. I reasoned that toddler-sized bunkbeds could be built much closer to the floor and much smaller, resolving all of those issues. So I was supposed to help my dad make them... but that just didn't happen. He's amazing, and I don't go up there enough to really help. But at any rate, he made them, and my mom sanded and painted them (another big job, she's amazing too). And tonight, they delivered them to my home, and we set them up.

The girls LOVE them, and so do I! It's so great for them to have nice, safe, reasonably sized beds, finally! And with our kids being as close as they are, I think they'll get a lot of great use. Thanks very much to my wonderful parents for this gift. I love them. :) My only regret is that Breanne doesn't get to use her quilt anymore, but don't worry, I should have some new ones (real quilts, I've been participating in a quilting group for fun) done soon, and they'll be all matchy matchy. :)


New Skirt

So one of my most favorite creations... a skirt I created pretty much out of my own head. I saw a tutorial months ago on doing a knit waistband, and thought it was kind of genius. When I saw this fabric, I knew just what I wanted to do with it. Because of the thickness of the skirt, though (the fabric itself is actually quite light, and so definitely needed to be lined), I couldn't do a twirly skirt type (tried it, and totally failed, believe me!), and so ended up cutting an A-line based on a skirt I already have and love. And I love it. Maybe someday someone will take a picture of me in it, and I'll post it. But I'm not taking a picture of myself. Today, at least. :)
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make it wear it

What's Wrong With this Photo?

Besides all the mess on the table?

Did you spot her?

Cailin is quite the rolling navigator these days... and today, she ended up under the table. She was so excited and happy about it--too cute. I love the peekaboo stage. :)

Things I Never Want to Forget Part 3

--Cailin's first little (slightly silly) pony:

--The way Janey has started using the words "actually" and "just kidding." As in "Act-she, my wan' wear this shirt, mom," and "Mom, my wan' wear this shirt... jus' kid-deen! my wan' wear this one!" Lately we've been going through a lot of clothing changes.

--Breanne proclaiming today "the bestest day ever!" after having swim lessons and pb & honey sandwiches, grapes, and a fruit-by-the-foot for lunch, knowing that she got to watch a new Care Bears movie after she finished.

--Janey telling me "My not your friend, mom!" after I told her "I think you're stinky, my friend."

--Cailin's latest favorite game, where I try to stand her up on my lap, and she either flat out refuses, or she stands long enough to catch my eye, drops her head (like she's acting shy), and sits down as fast as she can.

--Conversation with Breanne tonight: "Why'd you name me Breanne?" "Because I thought that should be your name. Do you like your name?" "Not really." "Oh, really? What do you think I should have named you?" "Maybe Scout or somethin'." "What? Where did you hear that name?" "From someone I never met before maybe. Maybe that be my name, maybe."

--How much Janey just LOVES to swim around, as long as I'm holding on to her a little bit.

--Breanne telling Cory about her favorite Labyrinth characters (Ludo and the little dog guy) while Janey starts singing "Dance, Magic Dance."

--Cailin's new bark/grunt of happiness, usually done with a funny face squint.

--Janey's curly fro:

--How much the girls love to dance together (and how Janey likes to hold both hands, or hug-dance, but Breanne insists on one hand on the hip, one in the hand).

--Endless giggles from all the girls, generally in response to each other.

Life is good, my friends. And like I explained to Janey today--yes, even if we're family, we can be friends.