Day... several later. :)

It's been about a week and a half since I first started seeing Cailin's spots, and she's doing amazingly better now. They're all scabbed over, and most have healed up. Just a few last spots (ironically, the worst ones, the ones that are still left, are the first ones she had). Isn't she looking great?:

And also, because I can't help but compare the girls in my favorite outfits--here is Janey wearing the same shirt Cailin is, just a couple weeks older than Cailin is now.

And Breanne, different outfit, but same expression:

Every time I start to think about how different they all look, I am reminded of how much they are the same. I love these girls.


Day Three (and a half)

(we made beanbags today, and Cailin was totally fascinated by hers... and also with my iPhone cover. Such great baby toys... :))

So we're beginning the scabbing process... and I can tell Cailin's getting tired of being sick. Her fever was higher today, which equated more fussiness while awake, but also more sleeping. I just feel so bad that she's so uncomfortable, and there's so little I can do for her. Thank heaves that generic acetaminophen wasn't recalled, just Tylenol. :-/ All that being said, though, I think we're getting close to the upside--they say once they're all scabbed over (don't you just love talking in terms of scabs? I know I do!), they're not contagious anymore, which means no more quarantine! I know we're all looking forward to getting out again. We spent some time outside tonight, and it was just so nice to be out of the house--I love when Cory is home and we can all spend time together.

4th of July Outfits

So... even though we won't be going anywhere this weekend due to the chickenpox, I still wanted to make the girls festive outfits to wear. Maybe Cory will take the older girls to the parade on Monday or something, we'll see.

Anyway, I saw these adorable shirts over on Make It and Love It, and knew I wanted to make them... and then I remembered the Reversible Twirly Skirt Tutorial my friend E. did over at PinkSuedeShoe, and decided to pair the two. I've only made one skirt so far, (because I was trying to change up the pattern, and apparently the way things work in my head is not how they work in real life, so when I tried to take some shortcuts, it.. uh.. did not work and I ended up recutting some things and resewing a lot...) but hopefully by the end of today, I'll have a couple more done. Still, I love the one skirt, and if I don't end up making any more, it'll go on Cailin, with her onesie and baby legs (as long as they don't bother her poor chickenpoxed legs... :( ) and the older girls can just wear some jeans.

My very silly older girls (with Janey sporting the skirt I made):

And Cailin's onesie (she's sleeping a lot today, and I'm not up for waking her up just to show off a shirt, sorry):

And baby legs:

And a closer-up of the skirt--there's a tiny white polkadot red side, and a navy gingham on the other side, very fun and patriotic. The white bottom trim also has tiny white stars. I really love how it turned out, thanks E.! :)

I'm linking up to Amy's Sew and Tell, and to Skip to My Lou's Made By You Mondays. They're part of the reason I was still excited to get these done, even when I realized we probably wouldn't be heading out anywhere to celebrate. We'll just have to come up with some great activities for our house. :)


Day Two (and a half)

...and we're headed to the Dr's to make sure she doesn't have ear infections on top of it all... let you know how that goes later. My poor, poor baby.


Every now and then, I have a stroke of genius. More often, I see someone else's genius though... inspired by these, the girls and I had this for a treat today:

We just melted some milk chocolate chips (I bet frosting would work equally well) and crushed up some graham crackers. You just take your marshmallow, swirl in chocolate, and dip in graham cracker crumbs. Not as messy as a real s'more, and not quite as tasty because it's missing that toasted bit, but still... Yum. :)