20 Weeks and a Poll

Halfway there... with an ultrasound on Friday, hooray! Feel free to participate in my first ever poll, on my sidebar. You can vote on what gender you think the baby is until 9:30 on Friday, the day and time of my ultrasound.

The facts about this pregnancy thus far: I haven't had nearly as much morning sickness, but I haven't been taking a regular prenatal vitamin, either. With both of my girls, I was very diligent about taking my vitamins (and was extremely sick), but with this pregnancy, when I started taking them (at about 5 weeks) and I started getting really, really sick, I stopped, and the sickness mostly went away (I was still sick in the evenings, but as long as I took my unisom and B6, and went to bed before 11:00, I was ok). So take that for what it's worth. Also, I have craved red meat, but had an aversion to chicken (thankfully that seems to have stopped with the nausea a few weeks ago). And fruit, for the first trimester, I ate an apple almost every day.

I have the usual aches and pains starting up already, but nothing I can't handle yet. I also started feeling the baby move a couple weeks ago, and Cory has been able to feel the baby move a few times over the last 2 weeks, too. I love that part.

So... so far so good. I'm excited to finally see this baby on Friday, and to see what you all think it'll be.

Oh, and don't worry, I've still been taking a folic acid supplement to make up for the missed prenatal vitamin--that is the most important part (especially since my iron levels are always somewhat freakishly high).



Yesterday I finally went and got the supplies I'd need to make my own wreath for fall--I've been wanting something fun to put on my door for a while, but didn't want to pay a fortune for it all. Now, don't be deceived, this was still almost as much as buying one pre-made (read: $20), but I like it better than any of the ones I saw. What do you think?


So last week, Breanne started preschool. I know, right? How can she possibly be old enough? But she LOVES it. She goes twice a week, for 2 1/2 hours each day. Oh, and 40 minutes of every day is spent doing gymnastics. She loves that too, but not as much as she loves art time, and reading books with her teachers. She is only 3, so she'll be able to do two years of preschool, and I'm hoping she can do both of them at this same place (the only reason she'd change is if we moved, but we're not planning on doing that just yet), because we love it.

A few pictures from her first day:

Obligatory shot by the front door:

Walking outside the classroom by the bench:

Getting out her (soon to become) favorite book:

Reading said book with her teacher, Miss Ashley (who is patient enough to read it to her every morning):

And riding the "train" to the zoo, the jungle, or wherever their imaginations take them (with Spencer, our friend from across the street):

I'm so glad Breanne has loved school so much--I know I always did, too, and I'm glad she has that love for learning already. This has also been a great thing for Janey and myself, as we now get to spend more time one-on-one, which we haven't ever really had, and won't have for a whole lot longer, with another baby coming so soon.

The Sign?

I had to laugh out loud when I saw this around the corner from my house... someone covered up just the right letter, I'd say.


17 Weeks

Don't mind my crazy hair or silly smile... this was after a 3.2 mile hike up a mountain to Lake Mary. We went on this hike under the impression (given to us by Cory's dad and bro-in-law) that it was a fairly flat, one mile in, one mile out, hike. It was not one mile, nor at all flat. I'm still glad we went, though, it was nice to be outside enjoying the beauty Utah has to offer. A few more Kelly took: