All right!  Next up, August.  

We started out August in Utah.  You can tell this is Utah because the top melted right off of that white crayon... you can see it stuck to the side of Cailin's cup holder.  Waaaay too hot.  But somehow, still a great trip.

While in Utah, I bought boy fabric.  You'll see what I did with it when I get the nursery finished.  :)

On the way home, we decided to go the Yosemite route for a change of pace.  I then realized that Nevada is kind of plain the whole way through, no matter which way you take.  Somehow, it's still pretty though.

Yosemite itself was worth the extra drive, at least once.

Sun through the clouds.  So pretty.

And there were hundreds of these windmills--so picturesque at sunset.

Back in CA, Janey finished up her summer dance class, and had her recital.

Tiny dancer.  Also my first ever sock bun.  So sweet.

Little dancers are so funny.


And tap.  Yep, that's Call Me Maybe.  Song of our summer, pretty much.  I love watching this age of kids dance.  The distraction level is hilarious.

Our friend had a fairy party.  I love their concentration here.

Everyone loves a bounce house.  Yay for neighborhood meet and greets!

Can you tell who didn't feel good this day?  She fell asleep 3 times in the first hour she was up.  I was not at all surprised when she threw up a little bit later.  Poor girl.  :(

Thankfully, she was back to her old self the next day.  Love this fairy.

Last park day before B started first grade!

Breanne's big accomplishment of the summer--she finally figured out how to pump on the swings.  She is so proud, I love it.

Finishing up school shopping with some yummy ice cream.

Cailin also loves ice cream.

And the final hoorah of summer... hanging out at our favorite kiddie park.  Waiting in line here, almost impatiently.

Who says this is only a double stroller?

Love their happy faces... this is by far their favorite ride.

This one likes this ride best. 


Breanne could spend all day here petting and feeding the farm animals.  Janey's not quite as sold.  


Back at home, I also grew my belly a lot.

Cailin wishes she was a monkey.  Her exact words were "these is mine monkey bars, Mama!"

All ready for first grade!  And I didn't even cry... but I'm pretty sure it's because Cory dropped her off.  If I don't have to watch her walk away, it's not so bad.

These two watched until she was out of sight.  Such sweet sisters.

The biggest difference between 2 and 4 is the ability to dress yourself.  In coordinating clothes.

In other news, my belly did this.  A lot.

Cailin loves watching Dora on the iPad.  Or, you know, my phone, the tv, or wherever else she can find it.

Our friends brought their convertible to the park one day.  Don't these girls look like they just belong here?  For the record, there's a reason kids shouldn't drive until they're at least 16.  

Awesome playgroup at the fire station.  They warned us at the beginning that they might have to leave if they got a call, and sure enough, they did.  It was just the right amount of time, though.  So fun, and the girls understand a little bit more about what to do if there's ever a fire.  So glad we went.

And on the last day of August, we went to a bbq at our friend's house... where all the little ones were girls.  There was actually even one more that's not in the picture.  Anyway, I love that they all went and sat themselves down together like this. 

August was another great month, full of driving and shopping and getting ready for school to start, and playing in the meantime.  Oh yeah, and baby growing.  A good, but very exhausting, month.  



In July... 
we had some old friends from Provo come visit us.  We took a trip to the beach, and had a great time playing in the sand, once the girls decided it wasn't the worst thing ever to walk in it... :)

I still have this same pedicure... someone should come paint my toenails before this baby comes.

Just hanging out on the beach.

Cailin dressed herself to go play outside, and then asked me to take her picture by the fence (this is where I do most of my project photography, so she thinks it's important to take pics there).

We had a 24-week ultrasound to make sure my placenta had moved up... it had, and we're good.  Cute baby, huh!?
I love these two, and I love photo booth.  Everyone with kids needs to teach their kids how to use it, and then just let them do it.  :)

The girls did a little Wii yoga together.

I found this makeshift phone charger...

Breanne left me a few gems on my computer, this is one of my favorites.  Most are funny, this one kind of melted my heart.  

And a little bit of Cailin talking about how excited she was to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Utah.


What to Say?

So the problem with not blogging for three months is that I have no idea where to begin again.  So... rather than try to figure out where to begin, I'm just going to dump a whole bunch of photos on you with minimal explanation.  So without further ado, I present you with the end of May, and all of June!

Proof that I occasionally do my girls' hair.  (Also, they love it when I make them homemade McDonald's... ha.

Helping Dad make cinnamon rolls...

Cailin wanted to be just like Breanne and do the puzzle on the back of the cereal box.

Pretty pretty girl.

Dancing sisters.


See the admiration in their faces?  She can BLOW UP A BALLOON BY HERSELF!

Cailin was not a fan of the merry-go-round at the beginning of the summer.

She did, however, love the super chocolately brownie.  So did I, not gonna lie.

Cailin started drawing our family!  Prodigy!

Cailin and I also got to spend some quality time together when Cory took the two older girls on a father-daughter campout (didn't take Cailin because none of us have ever been camping together... gotta start slow).  Yay for chocolate pancakes!

Post-swim nap... with backpack, sans clothes.  

Swim lessons!

Swim lessons!

More post-swim napping...

And even more!

There was this robot that wanted to help me with my laundry one day... :)

Watching the other girls swim...

Bathing suit beauty

I don't even know where to begin... ha!

One of my favorite random things I've found that my children left...

The day after we got home super late from one of our vacations, Cailin fell asleep in the car on the way to swim lessons... and slept through the transfer to the pool chair, and through an hour of swim lessons. Must've been exhausted, poor thing.

2 skirts, a leotard, a t-shirt, a leg/arm warmer, a glove, and a hat.  Need I say more?

Library puppet shows are fun!

And that takes us mostly through June, though there is still a great vacation to Oregon I want to post in more detail about, and I'd like to post about Breanne's last days of kindergarten.

We had a lot of fun in the early summer, with 3 weeks of swim lessons for the big girls, a (quick!) vacation, and a lot of playing around the house and yummy food.  Love my girls, and loved this last summer!