Curly-haired kids get the best bedhead. Seriously.

Breanne's Art

So in preschool, Breanne does at least one painting or drawing a week. She is frequently a little upset when I go to pick her up from school, because she can't figure out what her teachers have done with her picture--which means they've kept it to display for the next week. I, of course, am totally proud of her pictures. I didn't realize she was such a great artist--when I ask her to draw specific things, she usually gets distracted. At her school, though, she does a pretty good job of drawing what she is asked to. Here are two of her latest projects:

Found Photos

So I know I never really did a post from our San Francisco trip, mostly because once we got home, I went straight into the tired and sick part of my pregnancy. I don't plan on posting a whole lot from it now (suffice it to say it was a great trip, mostly, but I never want to live in SF), but I did find this sequence of photos that I thought was hilarious, and decided I should share with you:

Hanging out, watching a movie:

Uhh, Janey:

Don't put your foot on your sister's face. Luckily for you, she's tired:

The thing I love the most about these photos (besides showing Janey's tendency to be the instigator of trouble around here...) is how Janey's face never changes--if you just watch her face, it's like nothing ever happened.

Love these girls.

I'm just sayin'...

This is me 16 weeks ago (I think on the day we found out I was pregnant):

This is the photo I posted at 15 weeks:

This is me today, at 21 weeks, in the same shirt:

I am definitely growing a baby.


And She's On Her Way!

That's right, I said she... She's most definitely a GIRL!!! I never thought I would have three girls... but I'm very, very excited.

Doesn't she look beautiful? We're pretty darn excited to have another girl (though a mite surprised, to be honest... that morning sickness thing totally threw me off), and can't wait to meet her. She seemed very happy during the ultrasound, and was opening her mouth constantly, as if to talk to and smile at us. She also managed to do a 180 while we were looking at her--when we first started looking at her, she was breech, and then towards the end, the technician mentioned that she needed her to move so she could get a better view of her heart (I LOVE looking at their hearts and brains--so cool!), and the baby obediently flipped to head down, giving her a better look. Hopefully she'll be that obedient when she comes out. :)

Another 17+ weeks, and she'll be good to get here. And it will be great, I'm sure!

In case you're wondering, yes, she does look just like her sisters--here are their profiles:


Janey (a little harder to see, she was a squirmy one!):

And no, not all babies look like mine in profile, in case you were wondering. These babies are definitely Kilger babies.