I haven't totally been slacking over here...

I've just been busy working on something else.

Sorry about the lame video, blogger won't just let me upload the audio, which was the whole point... and in case you've never heard such audio before, let me explain.

That is the heartbeat of our next child. We are so excited to announce that I am currently almost 12 weeks pregnant. I'm due February 16th, 2010, and we really couldn't be happier that our family is growing.

To answer the usual questions, yes, this was planned, yes I've been sick, but nowhere near as sick as I was with my first two pregnancies, and this baby and Janey will be almost exactly the same distance apart as Breanne and Janey are. Really, we are so excited, and can't wait to have another wonderful addition to our family.

So please pardon my absence. I've been exhausted lately--growing people is hard work. Totally worth it, though.