4 Kids and Projects

So I remember when I was pregnant with Cailin, everyone told me that if I could handle three kids, I could handle any number.  And then I had Cailin, and even though there were rough spots, with the RSV, and the chicken pox, and whatever else, it was really a relatively easy adjustment.  She was a good (enough) sleeper, and a happy enough baby, and I wasn't super addicted to sewing, so I was able to put my focus on her and my other girls, and then get in a bit of sewing for fun whenever I had extra time.  Like I said, I adjusted pretty easily.

When we decided to get pregnant again and have Leo, I had to rely on the words of those who told me that after three it wouldn't be any different.  I felt like we were probably crazy to have a fourth kid, but as long as those people were right, I would be just fine.

Well, they were wrong.  At least for me.  Having four kids has been a huge adjustment.  I am NOT saying that I regret it--I don't.  Not even a little bit.  I love this sweet little boy far more than I realized I ever would (which is just silly, because I already knew how it felt to love a child...).  Only saying that it has been difficult for me. The most difficult adjustment since having my first baby, for sure.  I realized the other day that the reason it's been so hard is because I was in this place before, where I could sew during the kids' waking hours, and sleeping hours if I wanted, because they pretty much entertained themselves.  Sewing gave me a lot of satisfaction.  It was something I could do that didn't come undone immediately.  And I could still keep somewhat on top of the dishes and the laundry and the cleaning.  It wasn't perfect, but it was acceptable to me.

Right now, things are different.  Leo is a great night-time sleeper for the most part, but has issues taking decent naps during the day.  And I am just busy being the mom and housekeeper and caretaker of all the things.  So these days, I don't get a lot of time to sew.  My free time is spent doing dishes (my resolution is still going strong!  I think I've only missed one day of dishes this year), doing laundry, cleaning up toys and clothes and shoes and food and whatever else everyone in my household feels the need to put all over the floor, and lately, potty training Cailin.  I have realized that having four kids means full time mom and housekeeper and etc.  It really is full time these days.  I won't lie, I don't love it all the time, but I do love the little (and big) people I do it for, and that makes it ok.

The other thing that makes it ok is my "day of rest" when I have an awesome partner at home who is willing to take the baby for a couple hours so I can sew.  It's been chilly here lately, but not really puffy-coat weather, so I wanted to make the girls some heavier jackets.  Janey's is done now, and the other girls' are on their way to done as well.  It was so nice to relax and think about numbers and construction instead of diapers and snacks and the house.  Perhaps not so nice this morning when I had to clean up the aftermath, but worth it just the same.  

A funny little story about this jacket--Janey wore it to school today, and upon taking it off at her teacher's request, she told her teacher that I had made it.  "Your shirt?" the teacher asked?  To which Janey responded "No, that was from the store for Christmas."  "Oh, your skirt then?  Or your leggings?" to which Janey said "No.  Well, yes, she made those but a long time ago.  No, my jacket my mom made yesterday.  She finished it last night."  I hadn't realized she was wearing so many things I'd made this morning.  It was quite the mismatched outfit, but I'm glad she loves the things I make so much.  That also makes it worth it.  


Big Day for B

So today started out pretty uneventful, got Breanne off to school, hung out with this kid:

Watched some Strawberry Shortcake with these guys:

and eventually got Breanne home from school.  After some play, the girls opted for a snack and got themselves some apples.  A little back story--last week, I discovered that Breanne's front bottom tooth was loose, and upon further investigation, realized that her permanent tooth was already coming in behind it.

 So today, when they started eating their apples, as you can guess, it loosened that baby tooth immensely.  It was bothering her enough at dinner tonight that Cory offered to try to pull it for her after dinner.  Now, you have to understand, Breanne is terrified of pain.  Terrified.  I don't know where that came from, but she freaks out when she knows something is going to hurt (think shots at the dr--takes like 6 of us to hold her down to stick a needle in her.  The worst!).  I knew it was bad when she accepted his offer.  And now, after a very few seconds of work, we have...

A girl one tooth down.  Love this girl.

Also, I'm proud that I didn't cry.  This girl is killing me with all her growing up--I'm supposed to never cry at anything, and yet I find myself tearing up all over the place when she does the next big thing.  When did I become that mom?


Meeting the Greats

One of the hard parts about living so far away is that not everyone gets to meet Leo.  I was so happy we got to spend some time with my grandparents while we were in UT so they could see our sweet little boy.  


Leo 2013

For a nice little change of pace, I thought I'd interview my kids to start off the year.  I found this questionnaire over at The Train to Crazy, and thought it would be fun to hear my kids' answers  Tonight I have Leo's interview for your reading pleasure.  Any comments I added are in parenthesis. I may or may not have totally made this up, since Leo can't exactly voice his opinions yet, but I'm pretty sure these are the answers he'd give if he could.  Enjoy!

Favorite food: Milk

Least favorite food: Anything that isn't milk.

Favorite things to learn about: How to smile, and how to watch my toes.

Favorite color: The color of mom.

Best friend: Mom, and anyone else who protects me from my crazy sisters.

Favorite game to play: See if I can convince mom I'm asleep so she puts me down for a nap so I can wake up... and then smile my biggest smile so Mom forgives me.

Favorite thing to do in my spare time: Be held by Mom.

Favorite book: Anything read by Mom.

Favorite movie/tv show: Psych, because Mom holds me while she watches it.
Favorite holiday: Mother's day.

(he is in LOVE with his toes, and will smile and coo at them for at least 10 minutes at a time (eternity in baby time) several times a day.  So cute!)

Things I do well: Eat, sleep (at night, not napping), smile and cry.
Thing I need to practice more: Napping.

Favorite place to go: Mom's arms.

Favorite family activity: Being held by Mom and cooing and smiling at her.
Favorite thing about being home: Mom.

Favorite thing to do outside: Ride in the stroller and look at Mom.
Favorite chore: Eating.

Least favorite chore: Napping in my bed.
Favorite song: Anything Mom sings.

What I want to be when I grow up: I don't want to grow up, life is pretty great right now.
Place I really want to go: Anywhere with Mom.

Something I liked about last year: Getting to eat real food.
Something sad that happened last year: Getting evicted from Mom.

What I like to do when I wake up: Eat.
My favorite part of each day: Eating.

My favorite drink: Milk.
My favorite sport or activity: See my favorite game to play, above

Something new I'd like to learn this year: I've got a pretty sweet gig, but walking and playing seems like they might be worthwhile...

Sorry about the massive picture overload, but I just can't resist this face.  Leo is such a sweet little baby.  He loves to eat, and would pretty much do it all day if I'd let him, but to his dismay, I don't.  He's a great baby though--sleeps a solid 8 hours most nights, eats every 2-3 hours during the day, is smiley and happy and talkative after most every 
feeding until he's tired, then a few bounces, a pacifier, and a couple bum pats later, he drops off to sleep.  So easy.  Except he won't sleep for more than 1/2 hour, most likely, which makes accomplishing much of anything fairly difficult.  He's worth it, though.  I sure do love this sweet baby boy.


Cailin 2013

For a nice little change of pace, I thought I'd interview my kids to start off the year.  I found this questionnaire over at The Train to Crazy, and thought it would be fun to hear my kids' answers  Tonight I have Cailin's interview for your reading pleasure.  Any comments I added are in parenthesis.  Enjoy!

Favorite food: Pineapple
Least favorite food: Tomatoes
Favorite things to learn about: Babies
Favorite color: Pink
Best Friend: Leo

Favorite game to play: Boots Dora!
Favorite thing to do in my spare time: Pick a flower
My favorite book: Blues Clues (we don't have a Blues Clues book, as far as I'm aware.  :))
Favorite movie/tv show: Boots Dora, Pocahontas and Blues Clues (we're in the middle of a huge Pocahontas phase right now, she'd watch it and the sequel all day if I'd let her).
Favorite Holiday: Easter
Things I do well: Picking up easter eggs (little stuck on the Easter thing for some reason, haha).
Thing I need to practice more: Coloring a butterfly (?? She's actually quite a good little artist, for not even being 3 yet).
Favorite place to go: Grandma's house and Happy Hollow

(She's showing me how to make a bad guy face so she can fight me)

Favorite family activity: Play

(she's a serious ninja!)

Favorite thing about being home: Going to bed with my blankey

Favorite thing to do outside: Swinging at the park
Favorite chore: Picking up toys (ha. ha. ha.  Though she may be my most helpful child in this arena, she is not by any means a great pick-er-up-er). 
Least favorite chore: (she couldn't think of anything).
Favorite song: ABC's
What I want to be when I grow up: A flower person

Place I really want to go: A restaurant.  Chicken nuggets... food!
Something I liked about last year: Playing with Hazel
Something sad about last year: Taking away toys

What I do when I wake up: Get up, then eat breakfast

(this was so weird, but she fell asleep in the shopping cart.  Totally rocked herself to sleep.  SO funny!)

My favorite part of each day: Eating breakfast (I'd argue it's more likely dessert, but this kid does love to eat).
Favorite drinks: Orange juice, passion fruit juice, no, egg nog! (Can you guess what drink she just discovered?  Ha).
My favorite sport or activity: Jumping off the couch (seriously...).

(also weird when she fell asleep on my grandma's coffee table...)

Something new I'd like to do this year: Go to the park (we go every week... I'm not sure she understood the question).

(she probably walks better in my boots than I do...)

Oh Cailin.  What can I say about this girl?  She's kind of a crazy girl, jumping off furniture, climbing on stuff she shouldn't, and just generally being a wild child... but she's also super sweet, frequently coming up to tell me "My want you, mom," or "My wuv you, mom" and giving me a hug.  She knows how to push my buttons, frequently refusing to do what I ask, running away when I tell her to come... but she also knows how to make me laugh, saying funny things, and reacting in hilarious ways.  She loves her baby brother, and adores her older sisters, but is not afraid to hold her own when she isn't getting what she wants.  She's been my biggest challenge to parent, but as we've grown to understand each other (and I've worked on becoming more patient), I've learned to really, really love being her mom, and I'm so grateful for the chance I have to watch her learn and grow.  Now if we could just get her to want to be potty-trained... 

(Cory was in the middle of telling me that he didn't understand a single thing going through her head when she plugged her ears, started rocking from side to side, and singing her ABC's.  I was going to defend her, but had nothing to say after that).


Janey 2013

For a nice little change of pace, I thought I'd interview my kids to start off the year.  I found this questionnaire over at The Train to Crazy, and thought it would be fun to hear my kids' answers  Tonight I have Janey's interview for your reading pleasure.  Any comments I added are in parenthesis.  Enjoy!

My favorite food: Treats
Food I don't like: Hamburgers
Favorite things about school: Science and lunch. 

(showing us a science experiment she learned at school)

Favorite Colors: Gold and silver
Best friends: the brown haired Sadie, Payton, and the yellow haired Sadie
Favorite game: Sorry and puzzles
Favorite thing to do in my spare time: Play with toys, on screens
Favorite Books: Rapunzel and sleeping beauty. 
Favorite Movie: Tangled and Brave
Favorite Holiday: Christmas and Easter and um Halloween.  And there is Thanksgiving and New Years (apparently those weren't favorites, but she forgot that we weren't just listing holidays.  Funny girl).

Things I'm good at: Coloring pictures

Things I need to practice more: Math and letters and reading.
Favorite place to go: Happy Hollow and Grandma's house and the Children's Museum and Disneyland (we've never actually been, haha).
Favorite family activity: Playing games (I would argue it is planning and carrying out a party, but I wanted to put down her first answers).
Favorite thing to do at home: Doing activities and playing with our family.
Favorite outdoor activity: Play.

Favorite chore: Cleaning the mirrors.

Least favorite chore: Cleaning up.
Favorite song:  Call Me Maybe
What I want to be when I grow up: A mom.
Place I really want to go: Disneyland.
Favorite part of last year: Our Oregon and Utah trips.
Saddest part of last year: When you (me) took away our toys.
What I like to do after I get up: Eat breakfast, play on the tv
Favorite part of the day: Eating treats.
Favorite drink: Lemonade and passion fruit juice.
Favorite sport or activity: Dancing.

Something I'd like to learn this year: Reading.

(reading to Leo while I'm making their breakfasts).

Janey has grown up so very much in the last year.  She now knows all her letters and most of their sounds, and her numbers up to 20 (plus some past that, but those ones she has solid for sure). She is a lefty, which is frustrating when she plays Kinect and does other activities meant for right handed people, but she's getting used to it.  She loves to draw (each girl has a notebook for church, and hers is completely filled, while the other girls still have a bunch of pages left), and she LOVES to plan a party. She would plan parties every day if she could... and in fact, she does most days.  I regularly receive invitations telling me to bring "speshul treets"(her words, Breanne's spelling) to the "show" or "dans" that they're planning for that evening.  The event is often forgotten before it occurs, but the notes I receive are often among the highlights of my days. Another thing about Janey is her lack of middle-ground.  She is either quiet and mild, or on high energy, with The Voice.   You can hear The Voice from anywhere in the house.  The Voice is used for all energetic emotions: happiness and anger, frustration and sadness.  The Voice is super shrill, and makes me absolutely crazy.  We're working on toning it down, and working through our problems with a Normal Voice. :)  Despite The Voice and how it grates on me, I really do love Janey.  She is a sweet, sweet girl with a gentle heart, and she desperately wants to make those around her happy.  And she's only punched Breanne in the nose one time.  That counts for something, right?