PJ's for Breanne

Breanne has been growing like a weed lately, and has outgrown nearly all of her pajamas.  I searched for pj's at the store back around her birthday, but seriously, there were no cute/remotely modest pajamas available.  So, the first things I made with all that new yard sale fabric were some new pj pants for her long legs.  
(Yay for blurry iPhone pics... sorry!)
Each pair has contrasting fabric for the cuffs, and 2/3 have contrasting waistbands as well.  The cuffs fold up for some extra length, but the waistbands are just for the cuteness factor.  :)
Comfy enough for karate moves (she really, really, really wishes we'd sign her up for martial arts... dang Power Rangers!)
And various kinds of jumping:
Close up of the fabrics--waistbands:
And all three together:

These were a really quick and easy project--I just used the same pants pattern I used for her Christmas pajamas, but added a couple inches with the cuffs.  I had some issues figuring out how to sew the cuffs on pretty (they're actually all different, but I never found a method I loved... maybe next time?), but they all came out well enough for children's wear, I think.  And since they're just quilting cotton, they're perfect for our somewhat cool evenings here.  

Also, did you know that Breanne can crack eggs perfectly?  Yeah, me either, until the other day when I finally let her do it on her own.  I guess I should have more faith in her growing abilities... 
(insert bittersweet sigh here.)


Skirt Week 2012

So a few weeks ago, I went to see my mom graduate from college.  I decided at the last minute that I needed a new skirt for the occasion.  :)  Fortunately, I had a fabric I was in love with that was just waiting to be used.  It's a piece from the Lisette line for JoAnn's, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it had to go into my cart.  I love it.

It's really quite a simple skirt, based off the tutorial here.  I didn't follow it exactly, but the general idea is the same.  The skirt is gathered in the front and the back (with elastic in the waistband) but not on the sides.  The idea is to not add any extra pouf to your width, which I thought seemed like a great idea.  Also, since there is so much gathering in the waist, it will easily fit me comfortably for my entire pregnancy.
I decided to submit the skirt into Crafterhours' Skirt Week this year--I've wanted to enter before, but just didn't get up the nerve/didn't have a project I loved enough to enter.  This year, I figure--why not?  I love the skirt, maybe someone else will appreciate it too.
So... I love it--what do you think?


It's A....

So sorry to keep you all in suspense, I wanted to get the perfect profile picture off the video of our ultrasound the Dr. gave us, but I haven't been able to do that.  So, without further ado, or pictures... this baby is officially a happy, healthy, very active baby...


I know, right?  I still can't believe it myself.  Who knew we could ever make a boy?  I know I was beginning to doubt.  :)  Even though I've had a few days to process the information, I still have constant moments of realization--yesterday I said something to Cory about his Son liking weird foods (I swear all my cravings are for foods Cory doesn't care for, haha), and that word, Son, was just so weird coming off my tongue.  The good kind of weird, though.  We couldn't be more excited.  Bring on the blue and boy names.  We need all the help there we can get.  :)


Easter Dress Tutorial

So as if the ultrasound being this afternoon wasn't enough excitement for one day, I am also SO excited to tell you all that I finally finished my tutorial for the girls' Easter dresses.
They were actually made for a guest post I'm doing over on Craftiness is Not Optional.  You may have noticed the Vintage May button on my sidebar--I was so, SO excited and flattered when Jess asked me to be part of her series this spring.  Jess makes the most beautiful little girl clothing--I've been  follower of her blog for a long time now, and I was so excited when I met her through a mutual friend of ours.  She lives a couple towns away, but we've become friends through playgroups and craft nights, and just talking (blog and sewing) shop.  It's been so great to have another real-life bloggy/sewing friend.  :)  Anyway, after she asked me if I wanted to make something, I couldn't wait to get started on my project, and it ended up becoming the girls' Easter dresses as well (good thing, because energy is in short supply in my body these days).  Also, Breanne wore hers to Vintage/Retro Day at school.  
I believe that would be 3 birds, one (well, ok, 3, because I had to make one for each girl) stone(s).  :)

So, if you're interested in seeing how the girls' Easter dresses were made, feel free to head over to Craftiness is Not Optional today, and check it out.  


Baby Poll!!

Hey all, it's that time again!  Can you believe that tomorrow is the big day for the ultrasound?  I know, me either!  So, I've set up a poll on the sidebar--feel free to cast your vote about what you think this baby will be!

Here are some facts about this pregnancy to help you make an informed choice (ha, like there really is such a thing...) :

--My "morning"sickness has been in the evenings, mostly, very similar to Cailin's pregnancy.
--I do not love chocolate, or peanut butter, unless they're put together.
--I did not like bread, avocado, tomatoes or eggs for the first trimester.
--I threw up every time I drank OJ in the first trimester.
--Even though I didn't like whole/chopped tomatoes, I loved salsa, and pizza sauce.  Just fyi, in past pregnancies, pizza sauce made me throw up.
--The baby's heartbeat is consistently around 170 (really fast!).
--I started feeling a LOT better after 14 weeks, but I still need my unison and b6 or I start puking again the next day.
--I started feeling the baby move two weeks ago, and the baby is already kicking pretty hard, and moving around a ton (I'm 16.5 weeks now).
--The Chinese Gender Chart suggests this baby should be a boy... and it's been right with all my girls so far.  However, it also said Cory should've been a girl, so...

There you go.  I think those are all the hints I have.  Let me know what you think, and after my appointment tomorrow at 2:00, I'll let you all know who was right.  I can't wait!!


Happy Birthday Cory!

I love this man.

Here he is helping me create a chore chart for our girls (so far, so good!)
And here he is playing with the kids (but actually making them do math, sneaky!)
And here, you should note his hand.  We were headed to a party, in costume.  I love that he does silly stuff with me on occasion.
Here, he's attempting to teach Breanne to ride a bike without training wheels... she still hasn't figured it out, but not for Cory's lack of trying.
When I felt crappy and tired, he was willing to walk down to the water's edge with the girls to make sure they stayed safe.
And most of all, he continues to love me, even when I'm at my craziest.  I'm so, so lucky.
 Happy Birthday, Cory.



16 Weeks

Alternate titles to the post:  A New Shirt I Made (that makes me look kinda fat), or My Mirrors Are All This Dirty.  You can decide which you prefer.  16 weeks was shortest.



Today was a beautiful day. 

We spent a good 4 hours at the "duck park," where Cory's work held a company picnic. 

No one told us that it wouldn't actually start for 2 hours after the "start time," so we had plenty of time to throw rocks at the water, watch the ducks and geese and a few squirrels (we didn't bring any bread, thankfully, since there were signs everywhere telling us not to feed the ducks, as it ruins their migration patterns?), and play some really lousy badminton.  

Then when the party really got started, we got to eat yummy Indian food, and watch the kids play some crazy Indian games (did I mention we were literally the only non-Indian people there?). 

We won some baseball caps.  

Guess who still loves hats?

Janey was great at the drop the handkerchief game (basically duck, duck, goose but involving a handkerchief...?).  Cailin saw them playing, and informed me that she wanted to play duck, duck, goose--it looked enough like the same game, I guess.  

We all had a great time, and came home plenty dirty and tired.  When I took this last picture, all I could think was that all my ducks were in a row.  Sort of.  

Thanks, TCS, for the great day at the park.



While I was out in Utah, I got to spend a bunch of time with my mom.  It was pretty great, not gonna lie. My favorite parts included pedicures, and just the chatting while we drove and shopped.  Gotta admit, though, a close runner up was yardsaling (my mom calls it yardsailing.  I kind of like that, too).  She has these crazy friends that we go with (I actually really like them, and mostly don't think they're crazy, ha), and it's just really fun to go spend carefree time buying cheap stuff.

I thought I'd scored when I got a couple maternity skirts for a dollar, and a few tops and a pair of shorts (that fit today!  Hooray!).  But then.  Oh then.  We stumbled upon the mother load.  :)  A yardsale where the entire garage was full of tables with piles and piles (all neatly folded, mind you) of brand new fabric.  It was beautiful.  All fat quarters, half yards, and yard cuts, and all in pristine condition.  I might have thought it was heaven.  haha.  Anyway, they were selling it for $8.00/lb (probably not a great price), but I walked through and gathered up all the fabric I liked anyway, in hopes that they would negotiate.

And they did.  The guy who weighed my fabric held it up off the scale, so instead of being the 12 lbs it was, it was only 6.  And then when I only had enough money for 5 pounds, he quickly shouted "sold!" and tossed in the two vhs's I was picking up for the girls (Tarzan and Aristocats, movies we didn't have, but I like enough to own in vhs until they come out of the vault) for free.  So yes, I still spent $40 at a yard sale, but after I added up all the fabric, it was around 30 yards... for brand new, brand name fabric (mostly Moda and a little Riley Blake, in case you care).  I am so excited!  Can you tell?  A whole post about one yardsale purchase.  Ha.  I did promise the lady who was selling it that I would make beautiful things with it (she was NOT impressed with the man bargaining with me... haha), so you can definitely expect to see some of this in the near future.  :)


Mine Summing Soup

Can I be honest?  I'm not really sure where April went.  Or the first week of May, for that matter.  :)  I spent a lot of time sewing (if I ever take pictures, I'll be sure to share it), a lot of time dropping off/picking up kids, a lot of time feeling sick ("morning" sickness, ha!), and a little bit of time in Utah, watching my awesome mom graduate from college.  It was a pretty good month (minus the puking), and thankfully now I'm starting to feel a lot better, so hopefully I'll be around the blog a bit more.  I know I've said that before, so I'm not actually going to make any solid promises, but I'll try.  :)

Because I can't just leave with that, here is an awesome video from this afternoon.  We had just gotten ready to go outside and play in the sprinklers, but Cailin wanted to talk about her "summing soup"--and I just hope I can always remember that adorable phrase that really means her swimming suit.  So cute.  I love her.

And a few pics I snapped using InstaGram... still not sure if I love the app or not (really?  I can't zoom?), but I do like the easy editing on the photos.  Anyway, the first picture is Janey trying to convince Breanne to run with her (she and Cailin had already gone through a number of times, but Breanne didn't really want to join in... she's never liked running through the sprinklers, silly girl), and the second picture is when she finally succeeded.  :)  Simple pleasures, I tell you.