On the plethora of new posts...

So I still don't have my computer back yet. However, we FINALLY ordered a new hard drive yesterday, so I should be up and running by the end of next week. I am so excited!! In the meantime, I realized that my parents had the family pics and stuff on their computer, and Cory had access to them, too, so I thought I'd post a bunch. There are still lots on my computer only that will have to be put up next week, but hopefully my 7 (now 8!) recent posts will satisfy your demands to see more of the girls until then. Thanks Cory and Dad for letting me use your computers for hours on end, and to Cory and Mom for watching the girls so I could have some computer time, finally.


Family Pics

So the day of Janey's blessing, Cory's dad took a million pics of our family... here is a general summary of how it all went...

First we had to get situated. It took some time to get Breanne to give up her hat.

Next of course we realized the sun was in Cory's super-sensitive eyes, but he tried his hardest not to make faces, so only 2 out of every 3 photos look something like this:

Then Breanne tipped over somehow, right into my face:

It only hurt a little...

Then we finally got a reasonable picture:

So of course at this point we decided to try a new pose. Breanne was getting a little sick of the picture taking at this point, though, so she needed some convincing to get her to smile:

And we FINALLY had success! A cute family photo!

And another!

And though we tried for more, at this point, Breanne was done...


Janey's Blessing

After Janey's blessing (which was beautiful, btw), Cory's dad snapped a ton of photos. Here are a few of my favorites:

Breanne in a Hat

Breanne loves parks

Breanne's Birthday

Just to give you an idea of the party (no great pics were taken, but I'll give you some of what we have, sorry):

A Tribute to Cory

So Cory commented the other day about how many of my recent posts have been about him, but I still want to say one more thing.

For the last week or so, Cory's been working on a blog that a couple of women post regularly on, at the request of his boss. Can I just say that I think it's amazing that Cory can take an idea from PDF form into a real webpage, with links and everything? He's pretty amazing.

Anyway, the site looks great, and the posts are pretty entertaining reads. You can find it at lightrefreshmentsserved.com, also in my sidebar of bloggers I like. If you have a free minute, you should definitely check it out.


We're getting old...

27 Things I Love About Cory:

1. He loves me.

2. He is a fantastic dad.

3. He helped design our flowerbed, and actually cared about how it came out.

4. He helped prep our garden area, and will watch the girls while I put in the veggies and seeds.

5. He is a fantastic chef.

6. He helps me reach out of my comfort zone and try new things.

7. He lets me vent, and even agrees with me sometimes.

8. He teaches me all sorts of computer things.

9. He thinks I'm a cool wife.

10. He got up with Breanne every time she cried at night during my whole pregnancy with Janey.

11. He provides for our family, and never complains about it.

12. He's been working on school while working and supporting a family of 3, now 4.

13. He knows most everything about computer problems, it seems--without him, I'd have no idea how to fix my computer most of the time.

14. He has taught me the ways of the Mac, and I like it.

15. He goes with me to crazy parties with people he doesn't (or does barely) know, just because I want to, even if it is on his birthday.

16. He helps me throw fantastic dinner parties, regularly.

17. He mows the lawn, and just laughs when I videotape him doing it.

18. He puts away the laundry I fold, when I ask him to.

19. He takes out the trash.

20. He is willing to exercise with me, even though I'm much slower than he is.

21. After nearly 4 years of marriage, he still likes to kiss me and spend time with me.

22. He gives the girls baths almost every night, and reads them bedtime stories.

23. He helps me decide how to best raise the girls, and fully supports everything I do with them.

24. He doesn't feel like he was coerced into marrying me (or at least won't admit it if he was) by my sometimes crazy family.

25. He loves my crazy family.

26. He has allowed me to be a part of his family.

27. We have worked together to create our own beautiful family.

Happy birthday yesterday, Cory. I love you.


My husband is a genius

So I decided it was time for a change on the blog. I found this template on http://scrapgrounds.blogspot.com (as I was blogstalking Aliese, whom I believe I went to hs with, but don't really remember, so I hope that's ok...) that I really liked, and it was so easy to put up! The only problem was that the color behind my text was really bright, so there wasn't really enough contrast to easily read my blog. Of course, I asked Cory for some help.

He checked out the code, and realized it was all done in CSS, which he has been working with a lot lately. To make a somewhat long story short, he realized the easiest thing to do was make a new layer that was slightly transparent between the text and the background, which would then dull the color of the background. However, we wanted the edges to remain bright, so in creating the transparent layer, he had to make another layer of total transparency (on the edges, so when placed over the background it'd remain clear), then blur the two layers together, and save it all as one png file that we could add in to the code. Make sense? Probably not, because I can't explain it, but I'm really excited about the results.

Yes, yes, I do believe genius is the word. Thank you Cory, I love you. And thanks to Aliese, too, for providing a fun new background! Whadda y'all think?


A slight disappointment

Before I had kids, I never gave a thought to what I ate or did, as my metabolism was just fast enough that I never had to worry about it. Ever since Breanne, though, I've been struggling to get down to a weight I feel comfortable with. Cory and I both are currently around 30 lbs heavier than we were when we got married (hope you don't mind that I told that to the blogging world, Cory... sorry), something we realized a few weeks ago, and were disappointed by. So we've finally made a resolve to do something active about our weight gain.

So over the last 2 weeks, Cory and I have been making a serious effort to work out. We've gotten up early almost every other day to go running, do some crunches, and suffer through some push-ups. I've been so proud of us--at least for me, this is my first time ever seriously attempting to improve my body. We had to slow down a little bit from our first week, because my post-partem body was complaining in unhealthy ways, but since we've been taking it easier, things have gone well. I am seriously proud of us, and am hoping we can keep it up forever. Our somewhat short term goals are to look better for Katie's wedding (July 3), and to perhaps run a 5K at the end of the summer. That would be the most either of us have ever run. Wish us luck. :)

So the disappointment mentioned in the title? I've been questioning how far we've actually been running (there are supposed to be 8 blocks in a mile, we thought, but I was having a hard time believing we could run a half-mile on the first day...), so we finally drove around our block on Saturday night, and it turns out it's only 1/3 a mile around each time, so we haven't actually been exercising quite as much as I thought. Slight bummer, but we will continue to progress, and eventually get up to where we want to be, I hope.

More posts to come

So I'm still computer-less, especially since I made Cory put the linux box away (it was on the dining room table) so we could have breakfast with my family yesterday before Janey's blessing. He has been working on it tonight, though, and it will hopefully be fixed soon.

In the meantime, here are a few more posts I plan on writing once I can post some pics to go with them:

Breanne's Birthday (not great pics, and old news, but I promised I'd get them up sometime, so they're coming)
Dad and girls playing computer
Breanne in a hat
Janey's blessing
Family pics

Hopefully these'll be up in the next couplea days, but we'll see. Cory's just been way too busy with work to do a whole lot with the imac, sorry.

I miss my computer.


An Explanation

So the other day, I was trying to create a bunch of new posts here. My compy was running a little slow, as it tends to do every few days, so I shut it down for a reboot, to clear it all out.

Sadly, it is now freezing every time I try to boot it up.

So now I'm just waiting for Cory to find the time to fix it, or at least pull the pics off so I can start using the linux box more permanently... but hopefully it'll be the former of the two options. I really love my beautiful orange imac, even if it is almost 10 years old.

Anyway, here are a list of my posts to come once I get my pics:

My tulips and daffodils
Janey is smiling
Making cookies with Breanne

And maybe a few others that I can't think of right now.

In the meantime, I'll try to post as I can. Also--you may notice I've increased the list of bloggers I like--losing my computer also means losing Newsfire, my rss reader, so I actually have to go to ya'll's blogs now... expect that list to increase more as I figure out who I'm missing.

If you can't tell, I'm very sad about this loss. Hopefully all will be resolved soon.