Breanne 2013

For a nice little change of pace, I thought I'd interview my kids to start off the year.  I found this questionnaire over at The Train to Crazy, and thought it would be fun to hear my kids' answers  Tonight I have Breanne's interview for your reading pleasure.  Any comments I added are in parenthesis.  Enjoy!

My favorite food: Corndogs
Food I don't like: Chicken nuggets, hamburgers, cheeseburgers (she's convinced she hates cheese, but only when she realizes it's there, haha).
Favorite things to learn about: Math (she's really good at math, and is also a very good reader.  So proud).
Favorite color: All the colors (first time I've ever heard her say anything other than red.  She's growing up! *sniff*).
Best friends: Sophie, Riya, Lexie and Sasha
Favorite game: Kinectimals and... that's pretty much it.
Favorite thing to do in my spare time: Play Kinectimals. (sensing a theme here yet?  It's a game on the xbox 360, in case you were wondering).
Favorite books: Nancy Drew and Junie B Jones and Magic School Bus and Magic Treehouse.
Favorite tv show: Power Rangers Mystic force. (ugh!)
Favorite holiday: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and that's pretty much it.
Things I'm good at: Reading and math, kind of cartwheels, sort of.
Things I need to practice more: Cartwheels
Favorite place to go: Grandma's house, and friends' houses and the park.

Favorite family activities: Playing games together.
Favorite thing to do at home: Watching movies and playing Xbox games
Favorite outdoor activity: Climb in trees, practice riding my bike, monkey bars.  (Seriously, she has some major calluses from the monkey bars and tree climbing--she loves them).

Favorite chore: Cleaning the mirrors, and I also like doing dishes.
Least favorite chore: Cleaning up.
Favorite song: Trouble is a Friend (seriously... should I be worried?), Blood Brothers (really a cool music video, follow the link).
What I want to be when I grow up: I don't really know yet.
Place I really want to go: Disneyland.
Favorite things that happened last year: Getting presents and Easter.
Sad thing that happened last year: Bella (our friend's dog) died.
What I like to do after I get up: Play Kinectimals on the tv (she and I both think she's addicted to the game...).
Favorite part of each day: Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, and screen time.

Favorite drink: Passion fruit juice, orange soda, ginger ale, sprite, and diet ginger ale (Cory bought it to try it, we both hated it, but the girls liked it as much as the regular ginger ale).
Favorite sport or activity: Gymnastics (hopefully this year will allow for some classes).
Something I'd like to learn this year: Science (she's so envious of Janey's friday afternoon science experiments in school).

While Breanne and I have had our differences over the last year, she really is such a good, good girl.  I'm re-realizing lately that she is, despite how much I've grown to expect of her, only 6.  That is not very old, and not as capable of organizing as I'd like, even though she's very capable of doing lots of things I don't think to ask her to help with.  I don't know why she and I were butting heads so much, honestly, but as I've made more of an effort to remember that she's only 6 and she's trying her hardest to please me, it's been easier for me to see just what a sweet girl she is, and to just enjoy her company.


gilian said...

Love this post. Especially love the posing in the first picture! She is growing up so quickly, becoming her own person. And she has a sweet, good, tender heart.

Katherine said...

This is such a cute idea. I need to do this with my boys.

Wayman Fam said...

I love this! I need to do one with Brayden. By the way, I also wanted to mention from you previous post of all your sewing projects...you are amazing! I've never sewn a thing in my life so I'm envious of those that do it. Also, since Breanne mentioned going to Disneyland we are going this year and you should join us. Just saying it would be awesome :)

Holly Decker said...

this is such a great way to document life :) love it.