Breanne has outgrown me

So I often marvel at how smart Breanne is getting--constantly doing new things, saying new words--always learning. Usually I feel like Cory and I can take some credit in it all--we work with her a lot (and by work I mean play, really). However, this past week, Breanne has passed me up. She has learned something I could never teach her to do. She has learned to whistle.

That's right, my 22 month old child can whistle. It all started while we were at Cory's parent's house on Sunday night, standing in the foyer getting ready to leave. Breanne comes strolling out of the den with her lips sort of pursed, whistling! No one taught her how to do it, she just figured it out. We all stood there, sort of amazed, sort of laughing, so she kept doing it. Now she can do it on command. If my compy wasn't so slow, I'd take some video of it and post it, but my computer really can't handle it--maybe later on Cory's laptop. Anyway, it's amazing. I can't even whistle, for cryin' out loud!

My child is a genius.


Janene said...

Way to go Breanne.

Brandon said...

What is it with people who can't whistle?

Are you also unable to ride a bike? :)

*looks at Mandi and Jessie

Jessie said...

Hey, I can ride a bike.

Or at least I could, until I learned to ride a unicycle and my balance got all messed up.

Mandi said...

Yeah, so I can't whistle, either, but I practice every time we listen to Guster. And I can sure as heck sing (or so they tell me :)

Breanne is amazing. The end.

BECKY said...

That is hilarious! What a doll!

Valerie Griswold said...

Wow that is SO cute! I can't believe it! It took me like 15 years to finally be able to whistle. Go Breanne!