Hazel's pretty mad at me...

So today was such a beautiful day that I decided to open all the windows in the house in hopes of airing it out some, and getting rid of whatever this sickness is we keep passing around. I didn't really think about the lack of screens in a few of the windows, until about 2 hours after I'd opened them, when I happened to look out our front window, and see a cat that looked a whole lot like Hazel sitting on our driveway.

I yelled to Cory to ask if he'd seen Hazel lately, he replied he hadn't. I looked at our door, though, and saw that it was still locked, meaning that no one had left all day, and couldn't figure out how that could possibly be Hazel. Until I remembered opening the windows. So I asked Cory if he could close all the screen-less windows, as I ran outside to catch Hazel. Luckily, she's a pretty good cat, and didn't run too far when she saw me coming. I easily caught her and took her back in the house. She seemed ok at first, but within a few minutes she was grumbling and meowing at all the windows, obviously mad that she was back in the house.

Now, I figured she'd give it up, but she kept at it for a couple hours, until finally she attempted (I think this is what she was trying to do, anyway...) to jump through our window screen in our bedroom... it was so funny (in a mean sort of way). I was watching her eyeing our window, when all of a sudden she just leaped off our bed, hitting her claws on the screen, but thumping her head on the glass of the window, getting her paws caught up in the shade, and eventually falling to the floor. She was fine, obviously embarrassed, and as angry as ever. Funny cat.


Cory & Kimmy said...

that is such a funny story! I laughed so hard, and for a good while too. Sounds like an exciting time at your house!

gilian said...

I think Hazel is looking for a boyfriend--I mean husband. After all, you do live in Utah County... :)