Breanne's Art

So in preschool, Breanne does at least one painting or drawing a week. She is frequently a little upset when I go to pick her up from school, because she can't figure out what her teachers have done with her picture--which means they've kept it to display for the next week. I, of course, am totally proud of her pictures. I didn't realize she was such a great artist--when I ask her to draw specific things, she usually gets distracted. At her school, though, she does a pretty good job of drawing what she is asked to. Here are two of her latest projects:


gilian said...

Isn't Breanne the grandgirlie who drew a picture of The Cheat on my white board?

Stu said...

I'm pretty sure that Audrey doesn't know about the Cheat yet... so unless it was Janey (or even crazier, Ellie).

Merrells said...

Congrats on girl number three! That is so fun. I love having girls. Also, where do you have your little one in preschool? And do you like it?