Things I Never Want to Forget Part 2

--How when I asked Janey to give Breanne a piece of her candy, she spit out the one she'd just put in her mouth and tried to give her that one instead of an un-sucked-on one.
--The way Janey calls Breanne "Fran"--which just so happens to be her Great Grandma Price's name.
--This moment today:

Janey had pushed Breanne off the board they're sitting on, but then said she was sorry, scooted over, and put her arm around Breanne when she sat back down, and asked her "Fran! Fran, are you ok?" Breanne responded by putting her arm around Janey, and they sat like that and watched a video together on PBSkids. They're such good friends, when they want to be.

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lacieinthesky said...

That's pretty much the cutest picture I've ever seen!