Advent Calendar Day 12

Today the plan was to make popcorn garland for the tree. And we did.

Well, actually, Breanne and I did. Janey wanted no part of it, and was even more angry when I took her picture. She just wanted to eat the popcorn (which I totally let her do, she was just tired and angry and needed a nap, I guess).

The thing I didn't realize about making the popcorn garland was how hard it would be, how frustrating it would be for kids, or how MESSY it would be. This is the floor under our table where we were working. Ew.

I planned on making enough to actually make it look decent on the tree, but we gave up. So this is what we got. Looks ok, but a little too sparse. Oh well.

Hard to see here, but Cailin's face makes it all worth while--she is in love with the tree.


gilian said...

Poor sleepy Janey. But the garland looks lovely and the pictures are great. I think we tried this once when you were little. Note, we tried it once.

pinksuedeshoe said...

I don't think my mom started having us help her until I was about seven. It does take a while, and it is super messy! I am still picking popcorn bits out of my couch. Bleh. But I sure do love the way they look!