PJ's for Breanne

Breanne has been growing like a weed lately, and has outgrown nearly all of her pajamas.  I searched for pj's at the store back around her birthday, but seriously, there were no cute/remotely modest pajamas available.  So, the first things I made with all that new yard sale fabric were some new pj pants for her long legs.  
(Yay for blurry iPhone pics... sorry!)
Each pair has contrasting fabric for the cuffs, and 2/3 have contrasting waistbands as well.  The cuffs fold up for some extra length, but the waistbands are just for the cuteness factor.  :)
Comfy enough for karate moves (she really, really, really wishes we'd sign her up for martial arts... dang Power Rangers!)
And various kinds of jumping:
Close up of the fabrics--waistbands:
And all three together:

These were a really quick and easy project--I just used the same pants pattern I used for her Christmas pajamas, but added a couple inches with the cuffs.  I had some issues figuring out how to sew the cuffs on pretty (they're actually all different, but I never found a method I loved... maybe next time?), but they all came out well enough for children's wear, I think.  And since they're just quilting cotton, they're perfect for our somewhat cool evenings here.  

Also, did you know that Breanne can crack eggs perfectly?  Yeah, me either, until the other day when I finally let her do it on her own.  I guess I should have more faith in her growing abilities... 
(insert bittersweet sigh here.)


Katherine said...

Those are super cute. I tried to make pajama pants when I was in high school. They didn't turn out so good.

My boys are always pestering me to let them crack the eggs. I should just stop being a coward and let them.

gilian said...

Those are great pajama pants. On such a cute girl. Could totally pull off power rangers.

And I'm not a bit surprised she can crack eggs perfectly. Probably time to have her start making breakfasts for you to eat in bed!

Phairforce said...

Well done!

KendasCrafts said...

looks great!! cuffs are kind of a pain in the butt to do. I usually avoid them if i can. :-)

Tannie Datwyler said...

Those PJs turned out WAY cute and I have to say that I laughed about your egg cracking comment. :)