A slight disappointment

Before I had kids, I never gave a thought to what I ate or did, as my metabolism was just fast enough that I never had to worry about it. Ever since Breanne, though, I've been struggling to get down to a weight I feel comfortable with. Cory and I both are currently around 30 lbs heavier than we were when we got married (hope you don't mind that I told that to the blogging world, Cory... sorry), something we realized a few weeks ago, and were disappointed by. So we've finally made a resolve to do something active about our weight gain.

So over the last 2 weeks, Cory and I have been making a serious effort to work out. We've gotten up early almost every other day to go running, do some crunches, and suffer through some push-ups. I've been so proud of us--at least for me, this is my first time ever seriously attempting to improve my body. We had to slow down a little bit from our first week, because my post-partem body was complaining in unhealthy ways, but since we've been taking it easier, things have gone well. I am seriously proud of us, and am hoping we can keep it up forever. Our somewhat short term goals are to look better for Katie's wedding (July 3), and to perhaps run a 5K at the end of the summer. That would be the most either of us have ever run. Wish us luck. :)

So the disappointment mentioned in the title? I've been questioning how far we've actually been running (there are supposed to be 8 blocks in a mile, we thought, but I was having a hard time believing we could run a half-mile on the first day...), so we finally drove around our block on Saturday night, and it turns out it's only 1/3 a mile around each time, so we haven't actually been exercising quite as much as I thought. Slight bummer, but we will continue to progress, and eventually get up to where we want to be, I hope.


Meredith said...

Good for you Jessie! If it makes you feel any better...I haven't had ANY kids and I still gained weight after I got married! I too am working out and trying to get rid of the pounds. Keep up the good work!

Tannie Datwyler said...

Thanks for coming to see us. That was so sweet of you. About the 30 lbs. you still are only a few months out postpardem. Also, you were also a skinny girl in High School (what 95 lbs.), so don't try to get back down to that stick girl. You don't look 30 lbs. bigger than high school to me, you just look like an adult instead of a skinny teenager. I like that you and Cory are exercising though - I don't care what my weight is, I know I am out of shape.

Tannie Datwyler said...

By the way - I did that High School tag - go read it.

Janene said...

I am impressed. I exercised more regularly when I wasn't sick all the time but I'm starting to wonder if exercising helped me NOT get sick. If that makes any sense.

Good luck to you and Cory.

Jessie said...

Just to clarify--I know that I was way skinny in hs, and I am not trying to get down to that. I want to be a healthy weight that I feel comfortable with. So while I've gained 30 lbs, I don't need to lose all of that, just enough. And it really is more about feeling like we're in shape than losing weight.

And I know I just had a baby... but the wedding I want to look better for is in a few months regardless. :)