An Exhausting Day

So I thought it was bad last week when Breanne was super sick, but I think I was wrong.

Janey started coughing on Sunday, I thought just because she'd swallowed some milk wrong. But instead of going away, it just got worse. Then yesterday when she woke up, her eyes were all watery, and she just looked like she didn't feel good. Sure enough, by last night, she had a fever of about 99.4, where it stayed all night. So this morning I took her into the doctor, half expecting him to just send me home because the fever wasn't high enough, or the symptoms hadn't been around long enough. Much to my surprise, he seemed even more concerned about her than I was, and sent me to the hospital to have some blood tests run, and to have a respiratory test done.

Now, I don't know if you've ever had to see your child poked and prodded, but it's pretty sad. Add to that having drops put in their nose followed by a catheter thing that sucks out their mucus, and you have some idea of what poor Janey had to go through today, at only 11 days old.

Our pediatrician called with the results of the tests tonight (have I ever talked about how much I love our pediatrician? Dr. Brad Anderson, if anyone is looking for a good pediatrician in Utah County). The bloodwork all came back fine (which meant no meningitis, thank heavens, or group B strep, which I had and didn't get antibiotics for long enough while in labor). It also showed that her white blood cell count was up a little bit, which meant that her body was fighting whatever she had. The respiratory tests were not so positive, though--or maybe they were--they came back showing she has RSV. The good news is that as long as she keeps eating and having dirty and wet diapers, and keeps breathing well, she can stay home. If any of that changes, though, she's headed off to the hospital.

I can't believe how quickly things can get bad. I mean--she hasn't even hardly left the house--only to go to a dr.'s appt of Breanne's, and to a few family member's houses. Now I just pray we'll be able to keep it under control, and she'll be a good fighter and get healthy quickly.


Janene said...

I am sorry to hear Janey is sick. I hope she gets better fast!

Anna said...

I'm so sorry Jessie. Keep us posted on her progress.

Mandi said...

I am so sorry for you guys! How scary! I'm glad to see from later posts that Janey is doing OK and that Breanne is feeling better. I hope you are OK and have the help you need! I've been thinking about you and your little family.