Time to sleep...

So last night was Breanne's first night in her toddler bed... and she did great! She went to bed with no problems, just as if she'd been sleeping in her new bed all her life. When we went in at about 1:00 am to check on her, we found her asleep on the pile of soft things next to the bed, so we moved her back to her bed. This morning she called for me and banged her feet against the wall just like she always does, to come and get her up. She was trying to tell me that she needed my help, until I explained to her that she could do it herself. The funny part was, I noticed that the book and cup of water we'd given her last night was across the room by her bookshelf... and neither Cory nor I had moved it... which means that she HAD already been up, and maybe was just trying to trick me into believing she hadn't? I'm not really sure.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some fav photos from the last 2 years (nearly) of Breanne sleeping... the last couple are from last night, and naptime today. I'm so proud of Breanne! but I can't believe she's so grown up.

Asleep at the hospital.

Asleep in the bassinet (this lasted about 3 more minutes after this... had to use tricks to get her to sleep in there! :)

Sleeping in the snow gear in the carseat.

Asleep in her crib

Asleep in her high chair... whoops! I promise I didn't leave her there very long, she was just too tired to keep her eyes open!

Asleep last night in her bed for the first time.

Ok, not sleeping here, just playing in it this morning--showing off Dad's great pile of stuff on the floor meant to keep her safe... :)

Again just hanging out in her new bed.


gilian said...

Great pictures! I love the soft things put there by dad--just like what your dad did years ago. It's good to have a smart, thoughtful man around. And I love the green walls. And Breanne looks like she's been sleeping in her toddler bed forever. Totally like a toddler, that one is. So ready to be the big sister...

Anna said...

she is too cute. seriously adorable.