About Yesterday

So I had every intention of writing my post after getting home from Cory's parents house last night. However, we ended up staying late, and left shortly after 11:00, which still would've been ok for writing a post, except that traffic came to a dead stop 4 miles from our house, where we remained for 45+ minutes before the road was clear enough that we could merge down to one lane and drive past the terrible-looking wreck that happened just minutes before we got to it (if you really want to know about it, look here). I was planning on my post being about the usual, I'm so thankful for my family and friends, yada yada yada, but after driving past that wreck, my opinion changed a little bit. While I was thankful for my family and friends before I saw that accident, there is nothing like a crisis to put things in perspective a little bit, you know? So, without further ado, here is my new "I'm Thankful For" list:

I'm Thankful For--

The chance I have to be on this earth
And be a wife
To a wonderful man
Who holds me in his arms every night as I fall asleep

And the chance to nurse/rock one baby to sleep
Who very obviously loves me more than anyone else
And the chance to check up on the other baby who is old enough to put herself to sleep, thank you very much
And her cries of "I just need my mommy!"

Those who once rocked me to sleep
And held me tight
And loved me more than I ever realized
And told me "it's not all about you" with my best interest genuinely in mind

And those who teased me mercilessly
And spun me around by my ponytail
And now face difficulties of their own
And love me despite all our many differences

And the family that I've married into
Their quirks, and loveable traits
Their quickness to love all around them
And make them feel like family.

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