Cory in a Hat

I really literally honestly absolutely do not ever remember Cory ever wearing a hat.  Ever.  Seriously.  Yet while browsing the pictures on my in-law's computer, I found this picture from May 2006:

What on earth is this world coming to? And why does he looks so distraught? And where was this taken? Can anyone answer these very pressing, very important questions?

Also found on the in-law's compy that I'd never seen before:

Janey playing:

and Breanne at Kylie's graduation (I think):


Katie Rogerson said...

In answer to your pressing questions that picture of Cory was taken in California when we all went to Six Flags. We were waiting for some family members to get off one of the rides and I believe the hat is actually my dad's. Cory was just holding onto it for him while he was on the ride. And I took the picture of Janey playing! It's in Mom and Dad's family room. Isn't she adorable? And yes, that was Kylie's graduation. :)

Cory & Kimmy said...

I thought it was Six Flags too in California. You were probably waiting for me and dad when we were stuck on this one old ride and it closed right after we finally got off it! I think we were stuck at the top for about 5-10 minutes. Good times at amusement parks!