So as I mentioned the other day, Breanne loves to paint right now.  I found some watercolors (Crayola, nothing fancy) in my art stuff a while ago, and decided that Breanne could use them.  I was a little worried about the messiness of it all, but she really has done remarkably well.  Half the time she just wants to get paint on the brush then swirl it in her cup of water to see what it does.  Or she just paints with the water from the cup.  Or she asks me to paint something specific, then tries to paint over it and copy me.  But still--she's having a good time and keeping herself occupied without watching tv, so it's good.

A few pictures for your viewing pleasure (I feel like I haven't posted pictures in a while, so here you go.  :)

Isn't this a beautiful painting?  Great use of color, I think.  :)


Amelia said...

Crayola paints are the best. I love the picture where she looks up at the camera. so cute.

Katie Rogerson said...

That really is quite beautiful! I love how abstract it is with the bright colors and the focal point being in the corner. Definitely something worth going up on the fridge.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Oh, those pictures are sweet! Breanne is so fun. Ironically, Claire and I used Finger Paints on Wednesday and I am going to post about those soon.

gilian said...

Can I do overs and go back to when you were little and be more better like you? You are such a great mom. And daughter.