This is Ridiculous...

...We are in the process of owning our own home, yet we don't have enough space for all our stuff--I spent 2 hours today getting a friend's stuff moved out of her storage unit, because we have 5 boxes and at least 5 computers over there.  The moving guy's comment?  "Those are some old school computers, man."

...So Cory's been working with this guy on iPhone apps for a while now, and while I love the extra moula it's bringing in, I do not love that the guy calls at 11:36 at night.  Even if Cory says it's ok, it's really not.  Is it?

...How good Papa Murphey's Philly Cheesesteak Pizza can be... talk about delicious!

Ok, well, I'm off to watch Supernatural with my hubby.  Just had to get that off my chest.  


*Aliese* said...

Late "business" phone calls totally remind me of that movie, Two Weeks Notice! I wouldn't be a fan either.

Geo said...

Aha! Found you! And now I have also found that you and I both have issues with STUFF. I have been trying for years to declutter my life, and only now am beginning to see real progress. Keep fighting the good fight.

And just say NO to midnight phone calls. Ecch.