Trick Or Treating

It doesn't seem like Cory ever gets too excited about holiday festivities.  Food yes, festivities not so much.  So when he gets excited about Halloween, I am more than happy to let him get as involved as he wants... which means he gets to take the girls trick-or-treating while I stay home and pass out the goods.  I love when he tries to make the holidays so fun for our girls.  I'll post more about the pumpkin carving and other festivities later, but for tonight, here are a couple cute ones of the girls ready and a raring to go:

Shot of the whole porch, so you can get some idea of what our home looked like...

Cute little kitty-cat. Cory thinks she did better with the trick-or-treating thing last year... this year she was scared of some of the other kids (lots of masks around here!) and the decorations, and more easily distracted... maybe next year will be better.

My happy little chick, not that you can really tell, she looks a little upset here. By the time they got back, I think she'd definitely had enough.

Aren't they cute?

P.S. I love Old Navy's costumes. So warm, and reasonably priced, especially when they're on sale, and you know you'll use them for several years each. I was planning on making costumes for the girls this year, until I realized I'd spend more $$, and they still wouldn't be as cute or warm.


Meredith said...

I had no idea Old Navy sold halloween costume. Your girls sure look darling!

*Aliese* said...

I love Old Navy. I think it's great that your husband enjoys the holidays so much; I'm sure that alleviates a little bit of stress. I was just like your kids when I was little; I did really well until I was like four...Then I was scared of everyone and everything. I even remember I wouldn't go trick-or-treating with my neighbor friend because she was wearing a Care Bear mask.

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

I'm going to try Old Navy next year....if I remember. Your girls are cute, cute, cute!